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Sec.  D.—­The unconquered North—­Hadrian’s Wall—­Upper and Lower Britain—­Romano-British coinage—­Wall of Antoninus—­Britain Pro-consular ... p. 193

Sec.  E.—­Commodus Britannicus—­Ulpius Marcellus—­Murder of Perennis—­Era of military turbulence—­Pertinax—­Albinus—­British army defeated at Lyons—­Severus Emperor—­Caledonian war—­Severus overruns Highlands ... p. 198

Sec.  F.—­Severus completes Hadrian’s Wall—­“Mile Castles”—­“Stations”—­Garrison—­The Vallum—­Rival theories—­Evidence—&
shy;Remains—­Coins—­Altars—­Mithraism—­Inscription to Julia Domna—­“Written Rock” on Gelt—­Cilurnum aqueduct ... p. 203

Sec.  G.—­Death of Severus—­Caracalla and Geta—­Roman citizenship—­Extension to veterans—­Tabulae honestae missionis—­Bestowed on all British provincials ... p. 212



A.D. 211-455

Sec.  A.—­Era of Pretenders—­Probus—­Vandlebury—­First notice of Saxons—­Origin of name—­Count of the Saxon Shore—­Carausius —­Allectus—­Last Romano-British coinage—­Britain Mistress of the Sea—­Reforms of Diocletian—­Constantius Chlorus—­Re-conquest of Britain—­Diocletian provinces—­Diocletian persecution—­The last “Divus”—­General scramble for Empire—­British army wins for Constantine—­Christianity established ... p. 218

Sec.  B.—­Spread of Gospel—­Arianism—­Britain orthodox—­Last Imperial visit—­Heathen temples stripped—­British Emperors—­Magnentius—­Gratian—­Julian—­British corn-trade—­First inroad of Picts and Scots—­Valentinian—­Saxon raids—­Campaign of Theodosius—­Re-conquest of Valentia—­Wall restored and cities fortified ... p. 229

Sec.  C.—­Roman evacuation of Britain begun—­Maximus—­Settlement of Brittany—­Radagaisus invades Italy—­Twentieth Legion leaves Britain—­Britain in the ’Notitia’—­Final effort of British army—­The last Constantine—­Last Imperial Rescript to Britain—­Sack of Rome by Alaric—­Final collapse of Roman rule in Britain ... p. 235

Sec.  D.—­Beginning of English Conquest—­Vortigern—­Jutes in
Thanet—­Battle of Stamford—­Massacre of Britons—­Valentinian
III.—­Latest Roman coin found in Britain—­Progress of
Conquest—­The Cymry—­Survival of Romano-British titles—­Arturian
Romances—­Procopius—­Belisarius—­Roman claims revived by
Charlemagne—­The British Empire ... p. 244

Sec.  E.—­Survivals of Romano-British civilization—­Romano-British Church—­Legends of its origin—­St. Paul—­St. Peter—­Joseph of Arimathaea—­Glastonbury—­Historical notices—­Claudia and Pudens—­Pomponia—­Church of St. Pudentiana—­Patristic references to Britain—­Tertullian—­Origen—­Legend of Lucius—­Native Christianity—­British Bishops at Councils—­Testimony of Chrysostom and Jerome ... p. 249

Sec.  F.—­British missionaries—­Ninias—­Patrick—­Beatus—­British heresiarchs—­Pelagius—­Fastidius—­Pelagianism stamped out by Germanus—­The Alleluia Battle—­Romano-British churches—­Why so seldom found—­Conclusion ... p. 261

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