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Sec.  G.—­Passage of Thames—­Submission of clans—­Storm of Verulam—­Last patriot effort in Kent—­Submission of Caswallon—­Romans leave Britain—­“Caesar Divus” ... p. 118



B.C. 54-A.D. 85

Sec.  A.—­Britain after Julius Caesar—­House of Commius—­Inscribed coins—­House of Cymbeline—­Tasciovan—­Commians overthrown—­Vain appeal to Augustus—­Ancyran Tablet—­Romano-British trade—­Lead-mining—­British fashions in Rome—­Adminius banished by Cymbeline—­Appeal to Caligula—­Futile demonstration—­Icenian civil war—­Vericus banished—­Appeal to Claudius—­Invasion prepared ... p. 124

Sec.  B.—­Aulus Plautius—­Reluctance to embark—­Narcissus—­Passage of Channel—­Landing at Portchester—­Strength of expedition—­Vespasian’s legion—­British defeats—­Line of Thames held—­Arrival of Claudius—­Camelodune taken—­General submission of island p. 131

Sec.  C.—­Claudius triumphs—­Gladiatorial shows—­Last stand of Britons—­Gallantry of Titus—­Ovation of Plautius—­Distinctions bestowed—­Triumphal arch—­Commemorative coinage—­Conciliatory policy—­British worship of Claudius—­Cogidubnus—­Attitude of clans—­Britain made Imperial province ... p. 135

Sec.  D.—­Ostorius Pro-praetor—­Pacification of Midlands—­Icenian revolt—­The Fleam Dyke—­Iceni crushed—­Cangi—­Brigantes—­Silurian war—­Storm of Caer Caradoc—­Treachery of Cartismandua—­Caradoc at Rome—­Death of Ostorius—­Uriconium and Caerleon—­Britain quieted—­Death of Claudius ... p. 142

Sec.  E.—­Neronian misgovernment—­Seneca—­Prasutagus—­Boadicean revolt—­Sack of Camelodune—­Suetonius in Mona—­Druidesses—­Sack of London and Verulam—­Boadicea crushed at Battle Bridge—­Peace of Petronius ... p. 151

Sec.  F.—­Otho and Vitellius—­Civil war—­Army of Britain—­Priscus—­Agricola—­Vespasian Emperor—­Cerealis—­Brigantes put down—­Silurians put down—­Agricola Pro-praetor—­Ordovices put down—­Frontinus—­Pacification of South Britain—­Roman civilization introduced—­Caledonian campaign—­Galgacus—­Agricola’s rampart—­Domitian—­Resignation and death of Agricola ... p. 159



A.D. 85-211

Sec.  A.—­Pacification of Britain—­Roman roads—­London their centre—­Authority for names—­Watling Street—­Ermine Street—­Icknield Way ... p. 165

Sec.  B.—­Romano-British towns—­Ancient lists—­Method of identification—­Dense rural population—­Remains in Cam valley—­Coins—­Thimbles—­Horseshoes ... p. 171

Sec.  C.—­Fortification of towns late—­Chief Roman centres—­London—­York—­Chester—­Bath—­Silchester—­Remains there found—­Romano-British handicrafts—­Pottery—­Basket-work—­Mining—­Rural life—­Villas—­Forests—­Hunting-dogs—­Husbandry—­Britain under Pax Romana ... p. 178

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