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For the manly host, the joyful, the wise, for the Maruts bring thou, O Nodhas, a pure offering.  I prepare songs, like as a handy priest, wise in his mind, prepares the water, mighty at sacrifices.  They are born, the tall bulls of heaven, the manly youths of Rudra, the divine, the blameless, pure, and bright like suns; scattering raindrops, full of terrible designs, like giants.  The youthful Rudras, they who never grow old, the slayers of the demon, have grown irresistible like mountains.  They throw down with their strength all beings, even the strongest, on earth and in heaven.  They deck themselves with glittering ornaments for a marvellous show; on their chests they fastened gold chains for beauty; the spears on their shoulders pound to pieces; they were born together by themselves, the men of Dyu.  They who confer power, the roarers, the devourers of foes, they made winds and lightnings by their powers.  The shakers milk the heavenly udders, they sprinkle the earth all round with milk.  The bounteous Maruts pour forth water, mighty at sacrifices, the fat milk of the clouds.  They seem to lead about the powerful horse, the cloud, to make it rain; they milk the thundering, unceasing spring.  Mighty they are, powerful, of beautiful splendor, strong in themselves like mountains, yet swiftly gliding along;—­you chew up forests, like wild elephants, when you have assumed your powers among the red flames.  Like lions they roar, the wise Maruts, they are handsome like gazelles, the all-knowing.  By night with their spotted rain-clouds and with their spears—­lightnings—­they rouse the companions together, they whose ire through strength is like the ire of serpents.  You who march in companies, the friends of man, heroes, whose ire through strength is like the ire of serpents, salute heaven and earth!  On the seats on your chariots, O Maruts, the lightning stands, visible like light.  All-knowing, surrounded with wealth, endowed with powers, singers, men of endless prowess, armed with strong rings, they, the archers, have taken the arrow in their fists.  The Maruts who with the golden tires of their wheels increase the rain, stir up the clouds like wanderers on the road.  They are brisk, indefatigable, they move by themselves; they throw down what is firm, the Maruts with their brilliant spears make everything to reel.  We invoke with prayer the offspring of Rudra, the brisk, the pure, the worshipful, the active.  Cling for happiness-sake to the strong company of the Maruts, the chasers of the sky, the powerful, the impetuous.  The mortal whom ye, Maruts, protected, he indeed surpasses people in strength through your protection.  He carries off booty with his horses, treasures with his men; he acquires honorable wisdom, and he prospers.  Give, O Maruts, to our lords strength glorious, invincible in battle, brilliant, wealth-acquiring, praiseworthy, known to all men.  Let us foster our kith and kin during a hundred winters.  Will you then, O Maruts, grant unto us wealth, durable, rich in men, defying all onslaughts?—­wealth a hundred and a thousand-fold, always increasing?—­May he who is rich in prayers come early and soon!

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