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the niggard.  Let him, O Agni, be fortunate and blessed with good rain, who longs to gladden thee with constant offerings and hymns through his life in his house.  May such longing ever bring auspicious days to him.  I praise thy favor; it resounded here.  May this song, which is like a favorite wife, awaken for thee.  Let us brighten thee, being rich in horses and chariots.  Mayest thou maintain our knightly power day by day.  May the worshipper here frequently of his own accord approach thee, O god who shinest in darkness, resplendent day by day.  Let us worship thee sporting and joyous, surpassing the splendor of other people.  Whoever, rich in horses and rich in gold, approaches thee, O Agni, with his chariot full of wealth—­thou art the protector and the friend of him who always delights in showing thee hospitality.  Through my kinship with thee I break down the great foes by my words.  That kinship has come down to me from my father Gotama.  Be thou attentive to this our word, O youngest, highly wise Hotri, as the friend of our house.  May those guardians of thine, infallible Agni, sitting down together protect us, the never sleeping, onward-pressing, kind, unwearied ones, who keep off the wolf, who never tire.  Thy guardians, O Agni, who seeing have saved the blind son of Mamata from distress—­He the possessor of all wealth has saved them who have done good deeds.  The impostors, though trying to deceive, could not deceive.  In thy companionship we dwell, protected by thee.  Under thy guidance let us acquire gain.  Accomplish both praises, O thou who art the truth!  Do so by thy present power, O fearless one!  May we worship thee, O Agni, with this log of wood.  Accept the hymn of praise which we recite.  Burn down those who curse us, the sorcerers.  Protect us, O god who art great like Mitra, from guile, from revilement, and from disgrace.


Bright, flaming, like the lover of the Dawn,[8] he has, like the light of the sky, filled the two worlds of Heaven and Earth which are turned towards each other.  As soon as thou wert born thou hast excelled by thy power of mind; being the son of the gods thou hast become their father.  Agni is a worshipper of the gods, never foolish, always discriminating; he is like the udder of the cows; he is the sweetness of food.  Like a kind friend to men, not to be led astray, sitting in the midst, the lovely one, in the house; like a child when born, he is delightful in the house; like a race-horse which is well cared for, he has wandered across the clans.  When I call to the sacrifice the clans who dwell in the same nest with the heroes, may Agni then attain all divine powers.  When thou hast listened to these heroes, no one breaks those laws of thine.  That verily is thy wonderful deed that thou hast killed, with thy companions, all foes; that, joined by the heroes, thou hast accomplished thy works.  Like the lover of the Dawn, resplendent and bright, of familiar form:  may he thus pay attention to this sacrificer.  Carrying him they opened by themselves the doors of heaven.  They all shouted at the aspect of the sun.

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