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Amra, the lady, hearing the law, rejoiced.  Her wisdom strengthened, and still more enlightened, she was enabled to cast off desire, and of herself dissatisfied with woman’s form, was freed from all polluting thoughts.  Though still constrained to woman’s form, filled with religious joy, she bowed at Buddha’s feet and spoke:  “Oh! may the lord, in deep compassion, receive from me, though ignorant, this offering, and so fulfil my earnest vow.”  Then Buddha knowing her sincerity, and for the good of all that lives, silently accepted her request, and caused in her full joy, in consequence; whilst all her friends attentive, grew in knowledge, and, after adoration, went back home.


By Spiritual Power Fixing His Term of Years

At this time the great men among the Likkhavis, hearing that the lord of the world had entered their country and was located in the Amra garden, went thither riding in their gaudy chariots with silken canopies, and clothed in gorgeous robes, both blue and red and yellow and white, each one with his own cognizance.  Accompanied by their body guard surrounding them, they went; others prepared the road in front; and with their heavenly crowns and flower-bespangled robes they rode, richly dight with every kind of costly ornament.  Their noble forms resplendent increased the glory of that garden grove; now taking off the five distinctive ornaments, alighting from their chariots, they advanced afoot.  Slowly thus, with bated breath, their bodies reverent they advanced.  Then they bowed down and worshipped Buddha’s foot, and, a great multitude, they gathered round the lord, shining as the sun’s disc, full of radiance.

There was the lion Likkhavi, among the Likkhavis the senior, his noble form bold as the lion’s, standing there with lion eyes, but without the lion’s pride, taught by the Sakya lion, who thus began:  “Great and illustrious personages, famed as a tribe for grace and comeliness! put aside, I pray, the world’s high thoughts, and now accept the abounding lustre of religious teaching.  Wealth and beauty, scented flowers and ornaments like these, are not to be compared for grace with moral rectitude!  Your land productive and in peaceful quiet—­this is your great renown; but true gracefulness of body and a happy people depend upon the heart well-governed.  Add but to this a reverent feeling for religion, then a people’s fame is at its height! a fertile land and all the dwellers in it, as a united body, virtuous!  To-day then learn this virtue, cherish with carefulness the people, lead them as a body in the right way of rectitude, even as the ox-king leads the way across the river-ford.  If a man with earnest recollection ponder on things of this world and the next, he will consider how by right behavior right morals he prepares, as the result of merit, rest in either world.  For all in this world will exceedingly revere him,

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