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Forward goes your strength tending heavenward, rich in offerings, with the ladle full of ghee.  To the gods goes the worshipper desirous of their favor.  I magnify with prayer Agni who has knowledge of prayers, the accomplisher of sacrifice, who hears us, and in whom manifold wealth has been laid down.  O Agni, may we be able to bridle thee the strong god; may we overcome all hostile powers.  Agni, inflamed at the sacrifice, the purifier who should be magnified, whose hair is flame—­him we approach with prayers.  With his broad stream of light the immortal Agni, clothed in ghee, well served with oblations, is the carrier of offerings at the sacrifice.  Holding the sacrificial ladles, performing the sacrifice they have with right thought, pressingly brought Agni hither for help.  The Hotri, the immortal god goes in front with his secret power, instigating the sacrifices.  The strong is set at the races.  He is led forth at the sacrifices, the priest, the accomplisher of sacrifice.  He has been produced by prayer, the excellent one.  I have established him, the germ of beings, forever the father of Daksha.  I have laid thee down, the excellent one, with the nourishment of Daksha, O thou who art produced by power, O Agni, thee the resplendent one, O Usig.  The priests, eager to set to work the Rita, kindle with quick strength Agni the governor, him who crosses the waters.  I magnify the child of vigor at this sacrifice, who shines under the heaven, the thoughtful Agni.  He who should be magnified and adored, who is visible through the darkness, Agni, the manly, is kindled.  Agni, the manly, is kindled, he who draws hither the gods like a horse.  The worshippers rich in offerings magnify him.  We the manly ones will kindle thee the manly god, O manly Agni, who shinest mightily.


Produce thy stream of flames like a broad onslaught.  Go forth impetuous like a king with his elephant, thou art an archer; shoot the sorcerers with thy hottest arrows.  Thy whirls fly quickly.  Fiercely flaming touch them.  O Agni, send forth with the ladle thy heat, thy winged flames; send forth unfettered thy firebrands all around.  Being the quickest, send forth thy spies against all evildoers.  Be an undeceivable guardian of this clan.  He who attacks us with evil spells, far or near, may no such foe defy thy track.  Rise up, O Agni!  Spread out against all foes!  Burn down the foes, O god with the sharp weapon!  When kindled, O Agni, burn down like dry brushwood, the man who exercises malice against us.  Stand upright, strike the foes away from us!  Make manifest thy divine powers, O Agni!  Unbend the strong bows of those who incite demons against us.  Crush all enemies, be they relations or strangers.  He knows thy favor, O youngest one, who makes a way for a sacred speech like this.  Mayest thou beam forth to his doors all auspicious days and the wealth and the splendor of

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