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I press on for you with my prayer to the all-possessing messenger, the immortal bearer of offerings, the best sacrificer.  He, the great one, knows indeed the place of wealth, the ascent to heaven; may he conduct the gods hither.  He, the god, knows how to direct the gods for the righteous worshipper, in his house.  He gives us wealth dear to us.  He is the Hotri; he who knows the office of a messenger, goes to and fro, knowing the ascent to heaven.  May we be of those who have worshipped Agni with the gift of offerings, who cause him to thrive and kindle him.  The men who have brought worship to Agni, are renowned as successful by wealth and by powerful offspring.  May much-desired wealth come to us day by day; may gains arise among us.  He, the priest of the tribes, the priest of men, pierces all hostile powers by his might as with a tossing bow.


He has brought down the wisdom of many a worshipper, he who holds in his hand all manly power.  Agni has become the lord of treasures, he who brought together all powers of immortality.  All the clever immortals when seeking did not find the calf though sojourning round about us.  The attentive gods, wearying themselves, following his footsteps, stood at the highest, beautiful standing-place of Agni.  When the bright ones had done service to thee, the bright one, Agni, with Ghrita through three autumns, they assumed worshipful names; the well-born shaped their own bodies.  Acquiring for themselves the two great worlds, the worshipful ones brought forward their Rudra-like powers.  The mortal, when beings were in discord, perceived and found out Agni standing in the highest place.  Being like-minded they reverentially approached him on their knees.  Together with their wives they venerated the venerable one.  Abandoning their bodies they made them their own, the one friend waking when the other friend closed his eyes.  When the worshipful gods have discovered the thrice seven secret steps laid down in thee, they concordantly guard with them immortality.  Protect thou the cattle and that which remains steadfast and that which moves.  Knowing, O Agni, the established orders of human dwellings, distribute in due order gifts that they may live.  Knowing the ways which the gods do, thou hast become the unwearied messenger, the bearer of oblations.  They who knew the right way and were filled with good intentions, beheld from heaven the seven young rivers and the doors of riches.  Sarama found the strong stable of the cows from which human clans receive their nourishment.  The Earth has spread herself far and wide with them who are great in their greatness, the mother Aditi, for the refreshment of the bird, with her sons who have assumed all powers of their own dominion, preparing for themselves the way to immortality.  When the immortals created the two eyes of heaven, they placed fair splendor in him.  Then they rush down like streams let loose.  The red ones have recognized, O Agni, those which are directed downwards.

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