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We choose Agni as our messenger, the all-possessor, as the Hotri of this sacrifice, the highly wise.  Agni and Agni! again they constantly invoked with their invocations, the lord of the clans, the bearer of oblations, the beloved of many.  Agni, when born, conduct the gods hither for him who has strewn the sacrificial grass; thou art our Hotri, worthy of being magnified.  Awaken them, the willing ones, when thou goest as messenger, O Agni.  Sit down with the gods on the Barhis.  O thou to whom Ghrita oblations are poured out, resplendent god, burn against the mischievous, O Agni, against the sorcerers.  By Agni Agni is kindled, the sage, the master of the house, the young one, the bearer of oblations, whose mouth is the sacrificial spoon.  Praise Agni the sage, whose ordinances for the sacrifice are true, the god who drives away sickness.  Be the protector, O Agni, of a master of sacrificial food who worships thee, O god, as his messenger.  Be merciful, O purifier, unto the man who is rich in sacrificial food, and who invites Agni to the feast of the gods.  Thus, O Agni, resplendent purifier, conduct the gods hither to us, to our sacrifice and to our food.  Thus praised by us with our new Gayatra hymn, bring us wealth of valiant men and food.  Agni with thy bright splendor be pleased, through all our invocations of the gods, with this our praise.


With reverence I shall worship thee who art long-tailed like a horse, Agni, king of worship.  May he, our son of strength, proceeding on his broad way, the propitious, become bountiful to us.  Thus protect us always, thou who hast a full life, from the mortal who seeks to do us harm, whether near or afar.  And mayest thou, O Agni, announce to the gods this our newest efficient Gayatra song.  Let us partake of all booty that is highest and that is middle; help us to the wealth that is nearest.  O god with bright splendor, thou art the distributor.  Thou instantly flowest for the liberal giver in the wave of the river, near at hand.  The mortal, O Agni, whom thou protectest in battles, whom thou speedest in the races, he will command constant nourishment:  Whosoever he may be, no one will overtake him, O conqueror Agni!  His strength is glorious.  May he, known among all tribes, win the race with his horses; may he with the help of his priests become a gainer.  O Garabodha!  Accomplish this task for every house:  a beautiful song of praise for worshipful Rudra.  May he, the great, the immeasurable, the smoke-bannered, rich in splendor, incite us to pious thoughts and to strength.  May he hear us, like the rich lord of a clan, the banner of the gods, on behalf of our hymns, Agni with bright light.  Reverence to the great ones, reverence to the lesser ones!  Reverence to the young, reverence to the old!  Let us sacrifice to the gods, if we can.  May I not, O gods, fall as a victim to the curse of my better.


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