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have made.  In thee, the blessed one, O Agni, youngest god, all sacrificial food is offered.  Sacrifice then thou who art gracious to us to-day and afterwards, to the gods that we may be rich in valiant men.  Him, the king, verily the adorers approach reverentially.  With oblations men kindle Agni, having overcome all failures.  Destroying the foe, they victoriously got through Heaven and Earth and the waters; they have made wide room for their dwelling.  May the manly Agni, after he has received the oblations, become brilliant at the side of Kanva; may he neigh as a horse in battles.  Take thy seat; thou art great.  Shine forth, thou who most excellently repairest to the gods.  O Agni, holy god, emit thy red, beautiful smoke, O glorious one!  Thou whom the gods have placed here for Manu as the best performer of the sacrifice, O carrier of oblations, whom Kanva and Medhyatithi, whom Vrishan and Upastuta have worshipped, the winner of prizes.  That Agni’s nourishment has shone brightly whom Medhyatithi and Kanva have kindled on behalf of Rita.  Him do these hymns, him do we extol.  Fill us with wealth, thou self-dependent one, for thou, O Agni, hast companionship with the gods.  Thou art lord over glorious booty.  Have mercy upon us; thou art great.  Stand up straight for blessing us, like the god Savitri, straight a winner of booty, when we with our worshippers and with ointments call thee in emulation with other people.  Standing straight, protect us by thy splendor from evil; burn down every ghoul.  Let us stand straight that we may walk and live.  Find out our worship among the gods.  Save us, O Agni, from the sorcerer, save us from mischief, from the niggard.  Save us from him who does us harm or tries to kill us, O youngest god with bright splendor!  As with a club smite the niggards in all directions, and him who deceives us, O god with fiery jaws.  The mortal who makes his weapons very sharp by night, may that impostor not rule over us.  Agni has won abundance in heroes.  Agni and the two Mitras have blessed Medhyatithi.  Agni has blessed Upastuta in the acquirement of wealth.  Through Agni we call hither from afar Turvasa, Yadu, and Ugradeva.  May Agni, our strength against the Dasyu, conduct hither Navavastva, Brihadratha, and Turviti.

Manu has established thee, O Agni, as a light for all people.  Thou hast shone forth with Kanva, born from Rita, grown strong, thou whom the human races worship.  Agni’s flames are impetuous and violent; they are terrible and not to be withstood.  Always burn down the sorcerers, and the allies of the Yatus, every ghoul.


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