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on their bodies.  As brothers, no one being the eldest or the youngest, they have grown up together to happiness.  Young is their clever father Rudra, flowing with plenty is Prisni, always kind to the Maruts.  O happy Maruts, whether you are in the highest, or in the middle, or in the lowest heaven, from thence, O Rudras, or thou also, O Agni, take notice of this libation which we offer.  When Agni, and you, wealthy Maruts, drive down from the higher heaven over the ridges, give then, if pleased, you roarers, O destroyers of enemies, wealth to the sacrificer who prepares Soma-juice.  Agni, be pleased to drink Soma with the brilliant Maruts, the singers, approaching in companies, with the men, who brighten and enliven everything; do this, Agni, thou who art always endowed with splendor.


Come hither, O Vayu, thou beautiful one!  These Somas are ready, drink of them, hear our call!  O Vayu, the praisers celebrate thee with hymns, they who know the feast-days, and have prepared the Soma.  O Vayu, thy satisfying stream goes to the worshipper, wide-reaching, to the Soma-draught.  O Indra and Vayu, these libations of Soma are poured out; come hither for the sake of our offerings, for the drops of Soma long for you.  O Indra and Vayu, you perceive the libations, you who are rich in booty; come then quickly hither!  O Vayu and Indra, come near to the work of the sacrificer, quick, thus is my prayer, O ye men!  I call Mitra, endowed with holy strength, and Varuna, who destroys all enemies; who both fulfil a prayer accompanied by fat offerings.  On the right way, O Mitra and Varuna, you have obtained great wisdom, you who increase the right and adhere to the right; These two sages, Mitra and Varuna, the mighty, wide-ruling, give us efficient strength.


O Vayu, may the quick racers bring thee towards the offerings, to the early drink here, to the early drink of Soma!  May the Dawn stand erect, approving thy mind!  Come near on thy harnessed chariot to share, O Vayu, to share in the sacrifice!  May the delightful drops of Soma delight thee, the drops made by us, well-made, and heaven-directed, yes, made with milk, and heaven-directed.  When his performed aids assume strength for achievement, our prayers implore the assembled steeds for gifts, yes, the prayers implore them.  Vayu yokes the two ruddy, Vayu yokes the two red horses, Vayu yokes to the chariot the two swift horses to draw in the yoke, the strongest to draw in the yoke.  Awake Purandhi (the morning) as a lover wakes a sleeping maid, reveal heaven and earth, brighten the dawn, yes, for glory brighten the dawn.  For thee the bright dawns spread out in the distance beautiful garments, in their houses, in their rays, beautiful in their new rays.  To thee the juice-yielding cow pours out all treasures.  Thou hast brought forth the Maruts from the flanks,

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