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of all physicians.  He who is invoked by invocations and libations, may I pay off that Rudra with my hymns of praise.  Let not him who is kind-hearted, who readily hears our call, the tawny, with beautiful cheeks, deliver us to this wrath!  The manly hero with the Maruts has gladdened me, the suppliant, with more vigorous health.  May I without mischief find shade, as if from sunshine, may I gain the favor of Rudra!  O Rudra, where is thy softly stroking hand which cures and relieves?  Thou, the remover of all heaven-sent mischief, wilt thou, O strong hero, bear with me?  I send forth a great, great hymn of praise to the bright tawny bull.  Let me reverence the fiery god with prostrations; we celebrate the flaring name of Rudra.  He, the fierce god, with strong limbs, assuming many forms, the tawny Rudra, decked himself with brilliant golden ornaments.  From Rudra, who is lord of this wide world, divine power will never depart.  Worthily thou bearest arrows and bow, worthily, O worshipful, the golden, variegated chain; worthily thou cuttest every fiend here to pieces, for there is nothing indeed stronger than thou, O Rudra.  Praise him, the famous, sitting in his chariot, the youthful, who is fierce and attacks like a terrible lion.  And when thou hast been praised, O Rudra, be gracious to him who magnifies thee, and let thy armies mow down others than us!  O Rudra, a boy indeed makes obeisance to his father who comes to greet him:  I praise the lord of brave men, the giver of many gifts, and thou, when thou hast been praised, wilt give us thy medicines.  O Maruts, those pure medicines of yours, the most beneficent and delightful, O heroes, those which Manu, our father, chose, those I crave from Rudra, as health and wealth.  May the weapon of Rudra avoid us, may the great anger of the flaring one pass us by.  Unstring thy strong bows for the sake of our liberal lords, O bounteous Rudra, be gracious to our kith and kin.  Thus, O tawny and manly god, showing thyself, so as neither to be angry nor to kill, be mindful of our invocations, and, rich in brave sons, we shall magnify thee in the congregation.


I implore Agni, the gracious, with salutations, may he sit down here, and gather what we have made.  I offer him sacrifice as with racing chariots; may I, turning to the right, accomplish this hymn to the Maruts.  Those who approached on their glorious deer, on their easy chariots, the Rudras, the Maruts—­through fear of you, ye terrible ones, the forests even bend down, the earth shakes, and also the mountain cloud.  At your shouting, even the mountain cloud, grown large, fears, and the ridge of heaven trembles.  When you play together, O Maruts, armed with spears, you run together like waters.  Like rich suitors the Maruts have themselves adorned their bodies with golden ornaments; more glorious for glory, and powerful on their chariots, they have brought together splendors

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