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them for concubines.  Whoever shall renounce the faith, his work shall be vain, and in the next life he shall be of those who perish.  O true believers, when ye prepare yourselves to pray, wash your faces, and your hands unto the elbows; and rub your heads, and your feet unto the ankles; and if ye be polluted and ye find no water, take fine clean sand, and rub your faces and your hands therewith; God will not put a difficulty upon you; but he desireth to purify you, and to complete his favor upon you, that ye may give thanks.  Remember the favor of God towards you, and his covenant which he hath made with you, when ye said, We have heard, and will obey.  Therefore fear God, for God knoweth the innermost parts of the breasts of men, O true believers, observe justice when ye appear as witnesses before God, and let not hatred towards any induce you to do wrong:  but act justly; this will approach nearer unto piety; and fear God, for God is fully acquainted with what ye do.  God hath promised unto those who believe, and do that which is right, that they shall receive pardon and a great reward.  But they who believe not, and accuse our signs of falsehood, they shall be the companions of hell.  O true believers, remember God’s favor towards you, when certain men designed to stretch forth their hands against you, but he restrained their hands from hurting you; therefore fear God, and in God let the faithful trust.  God formerly accepted the covenant of the children of Israel, and we appointed out of them twelve leaders:  and God said, Verily, I am with you:  if ye observe prayer, and give alms, and believe in my apostles, and assist them, and lend unto God on good usury, I will surely expiate your evil deeds from you, and I will lead you into gardens, wherein rivers flow:  but he among you who disbelieveth after this, erreth from the straight path.  Wherefore because they have broken their covenant, we have cursed them, and hardened their hearts; they dislocate the words of the Pentateuch from their places, and have forgotten part of what they were admonished; and thou wilt not cease to discover deceitful practices among them, except a few of them.  But forgive them and pardon them, for God loveth the beneficent.  And from those who say, We are Christians, we have received their covenant; but they have forgotten part of what they were admonished; wherefore we have raised up enmity and hatred among them, till the day of resurrection; and God will then surely declare unto them what they have been doing.  O ye who have received the scriptures, now is our apostle come unto you, to make manifest unto you many things which ye concealed in the scriptures; and to pass over many things.  Now is light and a perspicuous book of revelations come unto you from God.  Thereby will God direct him who shall follow his good pleasure, into the paths of peace; and shall lead them out of darkness into light, by his will, and shall direct them in the right way.  They are infidels, who say, Verily God is Christ the son
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