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O Agni, on to the strong host of the Maruts, bedecked with golden chains and ornaments.  To-day I call the folk of the Maruts down from the light of heaven.  As thou, Agni, thinkest in thine heart, to the same object my wishes have gone.  Strengthen thou these Maruts, terrible to behold, who have come nearest to thy invocations.  Like a bountiful lady, the earth comes towards us, staggering, yet rejoicing; for your onslaught, O Maruts, is vigorous, like a bear, and fearful, like a wild bull.  They who by their strength disperse wildly like bulls, impatient of the yoke, they by their marches make the heavenly stone, the rocky mountain cloud to shake.  Arise, for now I call with my hymns the troop of these Maruts, grown strong together, the manifold, the incomparable, as if calling a drove of bulls.  Harness the red mares to the chariot, harness the ruddy horses to the chariots, harness the two bays, ready to drive in the yoke, most vehement to drive in the yoke.  And this red stallion too, loudly neighing, has been placed here, beautiful to behold; may it not cause you delay on your marches, O Maruts; spur him forth on your chariots.

We call towards us the glorious chariot of the Maruts, whereon there stands also Rodasi, carrying delightful gifts, among the Maruts.

I call hither this your host, brilliant on chariots, terrible and glorious, among which she, the well-born and fortunate, the bounteous lady, is also magnified among the Maruts.


O Rudras, joined by Indra, friends on golden chariots, come hither for our welfare!  This prayer from us is acceptable to you like the springs of heaven to a thirsty soul longing for water.  O you sons of Prisni, you are armed with daggers and spears, you are wise, carrying good bows and arrows and quivers, possessed of good horses and chariots.  With your good weapons, O Maruts, you go to triumph!  You shake the sky and the mountains for wealth to the liberal giver; the forests bend down out of your way from fear.  O sons of Prisni, you rouse the earth when you, O terrible ones, have harnessed the spotted deer for triumph!  The Maruts, blazing with the wind, clothed in rain, are as like one another as twins, and well adorned.  They have tawny horses, and red horses, they are faultless, endowed with exceeding vigor; they are in greatness wide as the heaven.  Rich in rain-drops, well adorned, bounteous, terrible to behold, of inexhaustible wealth, noble by birth, golden-breasted, these singers of the sky have obtained their immortal name.  Spears are on your two shoulders, in your arms are placed strength, power, and might.  Manly thoughts dwell in your heads, on your chariots are weapons, and every beauty has been laid on your bodies.  O Maruts, you have given us wealth of cows, horses, chariots, and heroes, golden wealth!  O men of Rudra, bestow on us great praise, and may I enjoy your divine protection!  Hark, O heroes, O Maruts!  Be gracious to us!  You who are of great bounty, immortal, righteous, truly listening to us, poets, young, dwelling on mighty mountains, and grown mighty.

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