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of what is left, and also the orphans, and the poor; distribute unto them some part thereof; and if the estate be too small, at least speak comfortably unto them.  And let those fear to abuse orphans, who if they leave behind them a weak offspring, are solicitous for them:  let them therefore fear God, and speak that which is convenient.  Surely they who devour the possessions of orphans unjustly, shall swallow down nothing but fire into their bellies, and shall broil in raging flames.  God hath thus commanded you concerning your children.  A male shall have as much as the share of two females:  but if they be females only, and above two in number, they shall have two third-parts of what the deceased shall leave; and if there be but one, she shall have the half.  And the parents of the deceased shall have each of them a sixth part of what he shall leave, if he have a child:  but if he have no child, and his parents be his heirs, then his mother shall have the third part.  And if he have brethren, his mother shall have a sixth part, after the legacies[64] which he shall bequeath, and his debts be paid.  Ye know not whether your parents or your children be of greater use unto you.  This is an ordinance from God, and God is knowing and wise.  Moreover, ye may claim half of what your wives shall leave, if they have no issue; but if they have issue, then ye shall have the fourth part of what they shall leave, after the legacies which they shall bequeath, and the debts be paid.  They also shall have the fourth part of what ye shall leave, in case ye have no issue; but if ye have issue, then they shall have the eighth part of what ye shall leave, after the legacies which ye shall bequeath and your debts be paid.  And if a man or woman’s substance be inherited by a distant relation, and he or she have a brother or sister; each of them two shall have a sixth part of the estate.  But if there be more than this number, they shall be equal sharers in a third part, after payment of the legacies which shall be bequeathed, and the debts, without prejudice to the heirs.  This is an ordinance from God:  and God is knowing and gracious.  These are the statutes of God.  And whoso obeyeth God and his apostle, God shall lead him into gardens wherein rivers flow, they shall continue therein forever; and this shall be great happiness.  But whoso disobeyeth God, and his apostle, and transgresseth his statutes, God shall cast him into hell fire; he shall remain therein forever, and he shall suffer a shameful punishment.  If any of your women be guilty of whoredom, produce four witnesses from among you against them, and if they bear witness against them, imprison them in separate apartments until death release them, or God affordeth them a way to escape.[65] And if two of you commit the like wickedness, punish them both:  but if they repent and amend, let them both alone; for God is easy to be reconciled and merciful.  Verily repentance will be accepted with God, from those who do evil ignorantly, and then
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