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is no God but he, the mighty, the wise.  It is he who hath sent down unto thee the book, wherein are some verses clear to be understood, they are the foundation of the book; and others are parabolical.  But they whose hearts are perverse will follow that which is parabolical therein, out of love of schism, and a desire of the interpretation thereof; yet none knoweth the interpretation thereof, except God.  But they who are well grounded in knowledge say, We believe therein, the whole is from our Lord; and none will consider except the prudent.  O Lord, cause not our hearts to swerve from truth, after thou hast directed us:  and give us from thee mercy, for thou art he who giveth.  O Lord, thou shalt surely gather mankind together, unto a day of resurrection:  there is no doubt of it, for God will not be contrary to the promise.  As for the infidels, their wealth shall not profit them anything, nor their children, against God:  they shall be the fuel of hell fire.  According to the wont of the people of Pharaoh, and of those who went before them, they charged our signs with a lie; but God caught them in their wickedness, and God is severe in punishing.  Say unto those who believe not, Ye shall be overcome, and thrown together into hell; an unhappy couch shall it be.  Ye have already had a miracle shown you in two armies, which attacked each other:[48] one army fought for God’s true religion, but the other were infidels; they saw the faithful twice as many as themselves in their eyesight; for God strengthened with his help whom he pleaseth.  Surely herein was an example unto men of understanding.  The love and eager desire of wives, and children, and sums heaped up of gold and silver, and excellent horses, and cattle, and land, is prepared for men:  this is the provision of the present life; but unto God shall be the most excellent return.  Say, Shall I declare unto you better things than this?  For those who are devout are prepared with their Lord, gardens through which rivers flow; therein shall they continue forever:  and they shall enjoy wives free from impurity, and the favor of God; for God regardeth his servants; who say, O Lord, we do sincerely believe; forgive us therefore our sins, and deliver us from the pain of hell fire:  the patient, and the lovers of truth, and the devout, and the alms-givers, and those who ask pardon early in the morning.  God hath borne witness that there is no God but he; and the angels, and those who are endowed with wisdom, profess the same; who executed righteousness; there is no God but he; the mighty, the wise.  Verily the true religion in the sight of God, is Islam;[49] and they who had received the scriptures dissented not therefrom, until after the knowledge of God’s unity had come unto them, out of envy among themselves; but whosoever believeth not in the signs of God, verily God will be swift in bringing him to account.  If they dispute with thee, say, I have resigned myself unto God, and he who followeth me doth the same: 
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