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like boys standing round the hearth, they play about like calves who are still sucking.  May the bounteous Maruts be gracious to us, opening up to us the firm heaven and earth.  May that bolt of yours which kills cattle and men be far from us!  Incline to us, O Vasus, with your favors.  The Hotri priest calls on you again and again, sitting down and praising your common gift, O Maruts.  O strong ones, he who is the guardian of so much wealth, he calls on you with praises, free from guile.  These Maruts stop the swift, they bend strength by strength, they ward off the curse of the plotter, and turn their heavy hatred on the enemy.  These Maruts stir up even the sluggard, even the vagrant, as the gods pleased.  O strong ones, drive away the darkness, and grant us all our kith and kin.  May we not fall away from your bounty, O Maruts, may we not stay behind, O charioteers, in the distribution of your gifts.  Let us share in the brilliant wealth, the well-acquired, that belongs to you, O strong ones.  When valiant men fiercely fight together, for rivers, plants, and houses, then, O Maruts, sons of Rudra, be in battles our protectors from the enemy.  O Maruts, you have valued the praises which our fathers have formerly recited to you; with the Maruts the victor is terrible in battle, with the Maruts alone the racer wins the prize.  O Maruts, may we have a strong son, who is lord among men, a ruler, through whom we may cross the waters to dwell in safety, and then obtain our own home for you.  May Indra then, Varuna, Mitra, Agni, the waters, the plants, the trees of the forest be pleased with us.  Let us be in the keeping, in the lap of the Maruts; protect us always with your favors.


Sing to the company of the Maruts, growing up together, the strong among the divine host:  they stir heaven and earth by their might, they mount up to the firmament from the abyss of Nirriti.  Even your birth was with fire and fury, O Maruts!  You, terrible, wrathful, never tiring!  You who stand forth with might and strength; everyone who sees the sun, fears at your coming.  Grant mighty strength to our lords, if the Maruts are pleased with our praise.  As a trodden path furthers a man, may they further us; help us with your brilliant favors.  Favored by you, O Maruts, a wise man wins a hundred, favored by you a strong racer wins a thousand, favored by you a king also kills his enemy:  may that gift of yours prevail, O ye shakers.  I invite these bounteous sons of Rudra, will these Maruts turn again to us?  Whatever they hated secretly or openly, that sin we pray the swift ones to forgive.  This praise of our lords has been spoken:  may the Maruts be pleased with this hymn.  Keep far from us, O strong ones, all hatred, protect us always with your favors!


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