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grew with might; they stepped to the firmament, they made their seat wide.  When Vishnu saved the enrapturing Soma, the Maruts sat down like birds on their beloved altar.  Like heroes indeed thirsting for fight they rush about; like combatants eager for glory they have striven in battles.  All beings are afraid of the Maruts; they are men terrible to behold, like kings.  When the clever Tvashtar had turned the well-made, golden, thousand-edged thunderbolt, Indra takes it to perform his manly deeds; he slew Vritra, he forced out the stream of water.  By their power they pushed the well aloft, they clove asunder the rock, however strong.  Blowing forth their voice the bounteous Maruts performed, while drunk of Soma, their glorious deeds.  They pushed the cloud athwart this way, they poured out the spring to the thirsty Gotama.  The Maruts with beautiful splendor approach him with help, they in their own ways satisfied the desire of the sage.  The shelters which you have for him who praises you, grant them threefold to the man who gives!  Extend the same to us, O Maruts!  Give us, ye heroes, wealth with valiant offspring!


Who are these resplendent men, dwelling together, the boys of Rudra, also with good horses?  No one indeed knows their births, they alone know each other’s birthplace.  They plucked each other with their beaks; the hawks, rushing like the wind, strove together.  A wise man understands these secrets, that Prisni, the great, bore an udder.  May that clan be rich in heroes by the Maruts, always victorious, rich in manhood!  They are quickest to go, most splendid with splendor, endowed with beauty, strong with strength.  Strong is your strength, steadfast your powers, and thus by the Maruts is this clan mighty.  Resplendent is your breath, furious are the minds of the wild host, like a shouting maniac.  Keep from us entirely your flame, let not your hatred reach us here.  I call on the dear names of your swift ones, so that the greedy should be satisfied, O Maruts, the well-armed, the swift, decked with beautiful chains, who themselves adorn their bodies.  Bright are the libations for you, the bright ones, O Maruts, a bright sacrifice I prepare for the bright.  In proper order came those who truly follow the order, the bright born, the bright, the pure.  On your shoulders, O Maruts, are the rings, on your chests the golden chains are fastened; far-shining like lightnings with showers, you wield your weapons, according to your wont.  Your hidden splendors come forth; spread out your powers, O racers!  Accept, O Maruts, this thousandfold, domestic share, as an offering for the house-gods.  If you thus listen, O Maruts, to this praise, at the invocation of the powerful sage, give him quickly a share of wealth in plentiful offspring, which no selfish enemy shall be able to hurt.  The Maruts, who are fleet like racers, the manly youths, shone like Yakshas; they are beautiful

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