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Then, however, Indra did not swerve from the truth, for Indra is truth.  Indra said to him:  “Know me only; that is what I deem most beneficial for man, that he should know me.  I slew the three-headed son of Tvashtri; I delivered the Arunmukhas, the devotees, to the wolves; breaking many treaties, I killed the people of Prahlada in heaven, the people of Puloma in the sky, the people of Kalakanga on earth.  And not one hair of me was harmed there.  And he who knows me thus, by no deed of his is his life harmed:  not by the murder of his mother, not by the murder of his father, not by theft, not by the killing of a Brahman.  If he is going to commit a sin, the bloom does not depart from his face.  I am prana, meditate on me as the conscious self, as life, as immortality.  Life is prana, prana is life.  Immortality is prana, prana is immortality.  As long as prana dwells in this body, so long surely there is life.  By prana he obtains immortality in the other world, by knowledge true conception.  He who meditates on me as life and immortality, gains his full life in this world, and obtains in the Svarga world immortality and indestructibility.”

Pratardana said:  “Some maintain here, that the pranas become one, for otherwise no one could at the same time make known a name by speech, see a form with the eye, hear a sound with the ear, think a thought with the mind.  After having become one, the pranas perceive all these together, one by one.  While speech speaks, all pranas speak after it.  While the eye sees, all pranas see after it.  While the ear hears, all pranas hear after it.  While the mind thinks, all pranas think after it.  While the prana breathes, all pranas breathe after it.”

“Thus it is indeed,” said Indra, “but nevertheless there is a preeminence among the pranas.  Man lives deprived of speech, for we see dumb people.  Man lives deprived of sight, for we see blind people.  Man lives deprived of hearing, for we see deaf people.  Man lives deprived of mind, for we see infants.  Man lives deprived of his arms, deprived of his legs, for we see it thus.  But prana alone is the conscious self, and having laid hold of this body, it makes it rise up.  Therefore it is said, ‘Let man worship it alone as uktha.’  What is prana, that is pragna, or self-consciousness; what is pragna (self-consciousness), that is prana, for together they live in this body, and together they go out of it.  Of that, this is the evidence, this is the understanding.  When a man, being thus asleep, sees no dream whatever, he becomes one with that prana alone.  Then speech goes to him, when he is absorbed in prana, with all names, the eye with all forms, the ear with all sounds, the mind with all thoughts.  And when he awakes, then, as from a burning fire sparks proceed in all directions; thus from that self the pranas proceed, each towards its place:  from the pranas the gods, from the gods the worlds.

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