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have grown up on earth, or in the wide sky, or in the realm of the rivers, or in the abode of the great heaven, praise that host of the Maruts, endowed with true strength and boldness, whether those rushing heroes have by themselves harnessed their horses for triumph, or whether these brilliant Maruts have in the speckled cloud clothed themselves in wool, or whether by their strength they cut the mountain asunder with the tire of their chariot; call them comers, or goers, or enterers, or followers, under all these names, they watch on the straw for my sacrifice.  The men watch, and their steeds watch.  Then, so brilliant are their forms to be soon, that people say, Look at the strangers!  In measured steps and wildly shouting the gleemen have danced towards the cloud.  They who appeared one by one like thieves, were helpers to me to see the light.  Worship, therefore, O seer, that host of Maruts, and keep and delight them with your voice, they who are themselves wise poets, tall heroes armed with lightning-spears.  Approach, O seer, the host of Maruts, as a woman approaches a friend, for a gift; and you, Maruts, bold in your strength, hasten hither, even from heaven, when you have been praised by our hymns.  If he, after perceiving them, has approached them as gods with an offering, then may he for a gift remain united with the brilliant Maruts, who by their ornaments are glorious on their march.  They, the wise Maruts, the lords, who, when there was inquiry for their kindred, told me of the cow, they told me of Prisni as their mother, and of the strong Rudra as their father.  The seven and seven heroes gave me each a hundred.  On the Yamuna I clear off glorious wealth in cows, I clear wealth in horses.


Those who glance forth like wives and yoke-fellows, the powerful sons of Rudra on their way, they, the Maruts, have indeed made heaven and earth to grow; they, the strong and wild, delight in the sacrifices.  When grown up, they attained to greatness; the Rudras have established their seat in the sky.  While singing their song and increasing their vigor, the sons of Prisni have clothed themselves in beauty.  When these sons of the cow adorn themselves with glittering ornaments, the brilliant ones put bright weapons on their bodies.  They drive away every adversary; fatness streams along their paths;—­when you, the powerful, who shine with your spears, shaking even what is unshakable by strength—­when you, O Maruts, the manly hosts, had yoked the spotted deer, swift as thought, to your chariots;—­when you had yoked the spotted deer before your chariots, hurling thunderbolt in the fight, then the streams of the red-horse rush forth:  like a skin with water they water the earth.  May the swiftly-gliding, swift-winged horses carry you hither!  Come forth with your arms!  Sit down on the grass-pile; a wide seat has been made for you.  Rejoice, O Maruts, in the sweet food.  Strong in themselves, they

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