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If we follow this religiously we will be surprised how successful the day will be.  Everything gives way before it.



More and more personality is coming into its own as man’s greatest asset.  There was never a day when it was not, but in former years this essential quality was not listed under the name ... personality.  Had we lived in the days of our fathers’ youth we would have heard about “remarkable men,” “men of big caliber,” “large character,” “splendid presence,” and the like.  But it remained for our day and generation to discover the real word—­personality—­meaning the most perfect combination possible of man’s highest attributes.  At least that would be the definition in its fullest sense.

Of course everyone has a certain personality and, no matter in what degree, its possession is valuable.  Personality is an acorn, so to speak, which may be cultivated into a sturdy oak.  Personality is one’s inner self outwardly expressed.  It represents the conquest of our weaknesses and naturally impresses our strength of character upon others.

With personality our foundation is firm.  On this pedestal we may stand squarely and face life with equanimity.  For such there is no end to achievement while good health and youthful spirit remain.

It is impossible to come into the presence of a personality without becoming immediately aware of it.  It is reflected by people of small stature ... poor physiques ... homely visages, as well as men of the highest physical development.  The great Napoleon was just above five feet while Lincoln towered over the six-foot line.  Men of personality are the last to say die.  Their store of combativeness carries them beyond their real span of existence either in years or achievement.  Thus, the mind shows its mastery over matter.  Alexander Pope was still writing while propped upon the pillows of his death bed.  Mark Twain joked with friends when he knew his hour was at hand.

Personality is magnetic. It can charm the friend or put fear into the heart of the enemy.  Joan of Arc, a frail woman, won battles at the head of her troops.  History is filled with incidents where men of personality have turned defeat into victory by leading their soldiers back into the fray.

Wholesome personality is the fulfillment of self-development—­physically, mentally and spiritually.  But all personality is not wholesome for it often shows in the face of the man who is a rogue at heart.  Therefore, all personality is not for the good of the world.  It is only of the wholesome kind that we speak.  To such as possess it the goal is divine.  Personality could never be perfected without living a life of preparedness backed up by our most earnest and honest convictions.  Personality is made up of many qualities and differs in man only as man is different from his brother man.  Perfect personality requires constant care in its development and constant guard for its safety.  It cannot be purchased in the open market.  It must be built upon piece by piece and everything we are becomes a part of it.

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