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“I tell you what we’ll do,” the latter said after the communication of events had been completed for the benefit of Mr. Baker.  “Tell him to take a train to some river port, the nearest possible to this island, and we’ll meet him with the motor boat.”

Hal did as requested, and presently Mr. Baker caused this message to be sent: 

“I will meet you at Rockport about noon to-morrow.”

“Step number one proved to be well worth while,” observed Mr. Perry.  “Now let’s go to bed and in the morning we’ll take step number two.”


Bud’s Discovery

Next morning the day’s program was discussed at the breakfast table, the latter being a light collapsible affair carried as an item of equipment of the Catwhisker.  Hal introduced the subject by saying: 

“Mr. Perry, don’t you think two of us ought to stay here while the other two of us make the trip to bring Uncle John over here?”

“What’s the use?” Mr. Perry returned.  “Nobody’s going to run away with the island.”

“No, but we’ve established a camp here, pitched a tent, and brought ashore a lot of camp material and supplies.  If we all go we’ll have to strike the tent and take all these things back on the boat.”

“Well, I don’t know that it makes any particular difference to me,” the owner of the yacht replied.  “It’ll be broad daylight and we’ll be gone only a few hours.  It isn’t at all likely that anything will happen during that time.”

“I’ll stay here with Hal, if he wants to stay,” Bud volunteered.

“That would be about the only way to arrange it,” said Mr. Perry.  “I don’t like to have any of you boys make the trip without my being along, and as Cub knows the engine of the Catwhisker better than any other member of our party, I think I’d better take him with me.”

“That’s the best arrangement,” said Hal.  “And while you’re gone, Bud and I’ll play Robinson Crusoe and Friday.”

“Who’ll be Crusoe and who’ll be Friday?” Cub inquired.

“Oh, we won’t quarrel about that,” Bud replied.  “Hal may have his choice and I’ll take what’s left.”

“This plan will simplify matters, to say the least,” Mr. Perry announced.  “About all we’ll have to do when we decide to start is start.”

“You don’t need to wash any dishes before you go,” said Bud.  “Friday’ll do that.”

“There you go already,” laughed Mr. Perry.  “I predict a revolution on this island before we return.”

“No, nothing of the kind,” Bud returned.  “I was assuming that the lot of Friday would fall to me.  In other words, I volunteer to wash the dishes.”

“I think you’ll both have to be Fridays,” Cub advised.  “The real Crusoe of this place has disappeared and we don’t want anybody usurping his honors in his absence.  It is our duty to find him, reinstate him here, and then rescue him.”

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