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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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Has God decreed how the creatures of earth shall ultimately honor the
Lord Jesus? ¶ 277.

When was the first time Jesus appeared to his disciples after arising from the dead? ¶ 278.

With what body did he appear? ¶ 278.

Give the reasons why he did not appear in the body that was crucified. ¶ 278.

How did Mary recognize him? ¶ 278.

State how many times Jesus appeared prior to his ascension on high, giving the Scriptural proof. ¶¶ 279-289.

Did he appear in a spirit or a human body? and how did he get the body in which he appeared? ¶ 290.

How could he appear in the room in the presence of the disciples when the door was locked? ¶ 290.

How did the disciples recognize him at the sea of Galilee and other places? ¶ 290.

What was Jesus’ purpose in appearing to the disciples? ¶ 291.

Describe the body in which Jesus appeared behind locked doors; and what did he say to his disciples then? ¶ 291.

Could the body in which Jesus was crucified ascend into heaven? and if not, why not?  Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 291.

Describe his appearance to Saul on the way to Damascus. ¶ 292.

Did Saul see the body of Jesus at that time? ¶ 292.

What effect did the appearance of the Lord to St. Paul have upon him? ¶ 292.

What did St. Paul later say about Jesus appearing unto him? ¶ 292.

What does the appearance of the Lord to St. Paul prove with reference to the bodies in which Jesus appeared shortly after his resurrection? ¶ 292.

What became of the body of the Lord that was crucified? ¶ 292.

Christ Jesus in glory possesses what kind of body? ¶ 292.

What did the resurrection of the Lord and his appearance in heaven have to do with the ransom and sin-offering? ¶ 293.

Were his resurrection and ascension on high necessary to complete the sin-offering? ¶ 293.

On the typical atonement day, through what ceremonies did the high priest pass in connection with the sin-offering? ¶ 293.

What did this typify? ¶ 293.

In the Revelation of Jesus to St. John, what did he say about being the one who was once dead? and what power does he now possess? ¶ 294.

What is meant by the terms hell and death as used in Revelation 1:18? ¶ 294.

Up to this time who have appreciated the value of Jesus’ resurrection as a part of the divine plan? ¶ 295.

Do the Scriptures herein cited prove the resurrection of Christ Jesus? ¶ 295.

What argument did St. Paul produce against the contention that Christ was not raised from the dead? ¶ 296.

What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ guarantee to mankind? ¶ 297.

Give the Scriptural proof of such guarantee. ¶ 297.

Where are we now with reference to the ‘day appointed’, as referred to in Acts 17:31? ¶ 297.

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