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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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Why did not Solomon give the world great inventions such as we now have? ¶ 18.

Did the prophets point to the coming of any special one to earth? ¶ 19.

What prophecy, if any, did the coming of Jesus of Nazareth tend to fulfill? ¶ 19.

How did the coming of Jesus tend to confirm the authenticity of the
Scriptures? ¶ 20.

Did the prophets understand the meaning of what they wrote concerning the happening of future events? ¶ 21.

What effort did they make to understand? ¶ 21.

Did the angels in heaven understand what the prophets were writing? ¶ 21.

What is meant by the term “the divine plan”? ¶ 22.

Who was the first one to understand the divine plan? ¶ 22.

What was the name of Jesus before he became a man? and what is the significance of his prehuman title? ¶ 22.

What is pictured by the fifth chapter of Revelation?  Give the details of the picture. ¶ 22.

Who is the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”? ¶ 23.

What is the symbolic meaning of the words “seven”, “horns,” and “eyes”? and what do these words signify as used in Revelation 5? ¶ 24.

Is there reason to expect that God would grant certain ones from time to time an increased understanding of his plan? and if so, why? ¶ 24.

What does the harp symbolize? ¶ 25.

Where is the record of the divine plan found? ¶ 25.

What does this record reveal concerning man? ¶ 25.

By whom has God spoken his fundamental truths? ¶ 25.

What is the law of God? ¶ 25.

Define law. ¶ 25.

Where is the law of God found? ¶ 25.

What is the meaning of the word David? ¶ 26.

Whom did David picture or typify? ¶ 26.

What did David’s use of the harp typify or picture? ¶ 26.

What is pictured or symbolized by the ten strings of David’s harp? ¶ 26.

Name the ten fundamental truths represented by the strings on the harp. ¶ 26.

How can one learn to use the harp of God? ¶ 27.

What effect is produced upon one who skillfully uses the harp? ¶ 27.


  Harps of eternity! begin the song,
  Redeemed, and angel harps! begin to God,
  Begin the anthem ever sweet and new,
  While I extol Him holy, just, and good. 
  Life, beauty, light, intelligence, and love! 
  Eternal, uncreated, infinite! 
  Unsearchable Jehovah!  God of truth! 
  Maker, upholder, governor of all: 
  Thyself unmade, ungoverned, unupheld. 
  Omnipotent, unchangeable, Great God! 
  Exhaustless fullness! giving unimpaired! 
  Bounding immensity, unspread, unbound! 
  Highest and best! beginning, middle, end. 
  All-seeing Eye! all-seeing, and unseen! 
  Hearing, unheard! all knowing, and unknown! 
  Above all praise! above all height of

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