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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 324 pages of information about The Harp of God.

Why did Pilate wish to release Jesus? ¶ 225.

When Pilate attempted to release Jesus, what did the accusers do? ¶ 225.

Who were the responsible men that incited the mob to cry against the
Master? ¶ 225.

To what did the civil power yield in sentencing Jesus to death? ¶ 225.

Which was more reprehensible, the civil or the ecclesiastical power, in this case? ¶ 225.

Who were put to death with Jesus? ¶ 226.

In the eyes of the world, did Jesus die as a righteous man? ¶ 226.

In the death of Jesus upon the cross, what particular prophecy was fulfilled? ¶ 227.

Why must Jesus die? ¶ 228.

What was God’s will concerning Jesus with reference to his becoming a man and being put to death? ¶ 229.

What did Jesus mean by saying that he was the bread which came down from heaven, and those eating that bread should live? ¶ 230.

Did Jesus die only for those who become members of some church denomination? or for whom did he die? ¶ 230.

Define sin; and what is the penalty for sin? ¶ 231.

How was the life of Jesus made an offering for sin, or a sin-offering? ¶ 231.

Would it have been possible for any of the human race to get life everlasting, except for the ransom-sacrifice? ¶ 232.

Of what value are the pictures made in the Old Testament to us in studying the New? and what did the bullock slain on the atonement day picture relative to Jesus? ¶ 233.

What did the court surrounding the tabernacle picture or typify? ¶ 233.

What was foreshadowed by the slaying of the bullock in the court? ¶ 233.

How was the ransom-price provided? ¶ 233.

What pictured the beginning of the sin-offering? ¶ 234.

What was done with the blood of the bullock after it was slain? ¶ 234.

What was pictured by the high priest in the Holy? and what by his entering the Most Holy? ¶ 234.

For whom did Jesus give himself as a sin-offering? ¶ 235.

What was the purpose of the giving of the law covenant? and could it operate to deliver man from death? ¶ 236.

Was the shedding of Jesus’ blood necessary for the remission of sin? ¶ 237.

How was the entrance of Jesus into heaven foreshadowed in the tabernacle service?  Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 237.

What is the distinction between the death of Adam and the death of Jesus? ¶ 238.

By dying as a man, what did Jesus provide for man’s benefit? ¶ 238.

Give an illustration showing how Jesus’ death provided the price for the release of the human race from bondage. ¶¶ 239-241.

Could the perfect man Jesus deliver the human race from death and remain alive as a man? ¶ 242.

What must Jesus do in order to redeem mankind? ¶ 242.

What did he produce upon Calvary? ¶ 242.

Where must the value of that ransom-price be presented? ¶ 242.

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