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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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What is the harp? and when was it invented? ¶ 1.

Who invented the harp? and where is mention made of it in the Bible? ¶ 1.

When did God organize the twelve tribes of Israel into a nation? ¶ 2.

What arrangement did God make with the nation of Israel? ¶ 2.

For what purpose was that nation used by Jehovah? ¶ 2.

To what did the nation of Israel consecrate the harp? ¶ 3.

What king of Israel was skilled in the use of the harp? ¶ 3.

Where in the Scriptures is the harp used symbolically? ¶ 3.

On what occasions did the Jews use the harp? ¶ 3.

How many strings were there on Israel’s harp? and what did these symbolize? ¶ 4.

Did the harp at any time have a less number of strings? and if so, what did that picture? ¶ 4.

In what phrase or language is the book of Revelation written? ¶ 5.

Where in the book of Revelation is the harp mentioned? and what kind of beings are pictured as using it? ¶ 5.

What is the first essential to an understanding of God’s plan? ¶ 6.

Name some visible proof of the existence of a Supreme Being or Creator. ¶ 7.

How was David impressed with what he observed of creation? ¶ 8.

How does man’s organism prove the existence of a Supreme Being? ¶ 9.

Who is the Supreme Being or Creator? and what does his name signify? ¶ 10.

Give some Scriptural proof of the existence of Jehovah. ¶ 10.

Name the four primary divine attributes. ¶ 10.

How was divine justice manifested? ¶ 11.

How was divine power manifested? ¶ 11.

How was divine love manifested? ¶ 11.

How was divine wisdom manifested? ¶ 11.

Is there proof that God foreknew the end from the beginning? ¶ 11.

Why should man expect some revelation of the divine plan? ¶ 12.

Has man found a revelation of God’s plan? and if so, where? ¶ 12.

By whom was the Bible written? and what are the two general divisions of it? ¶ 13.

What is meant by the holy spirit? ¶ 14.

What relationship does the holy spirit bear to the Bible and its preparation? ¶ 14.

Who wrote the first five books of the Bible? and under what influence? ¶ 14.

Was the Bible written under inspiration? ¶ 14.

How many prophetic writers contributed to the Old Testament? and does their testimony agree? ¶ 14.

Define history. ¶ 15.

Define prophecy. ¶ 16.

Can a human mind accurately foretell future events? ¶ 17.

What is one of the strongest proofs that the Bible was written under inspiration? ¶ 17.

What relationship do wireless telegraphy and airships bear to fulfilled prophecy? ¶ 18.

Were railway trains foretold by the prophets? and if so, where? ¶ 18.

What other means of rapid transit did the prophets foretell? ¶ 18.

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