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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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[11]His justice was made manifest by inflicting punishment for the violation of his law.  Power was particularly manifested in the great flood that destroyed all things on the earth.  His love was especially exhibited in the sacrifice of the dearest treasure of his heart, his beloved Son, that mankind might have an opportunity for life.  His wisdom is particularly manifested in his great plan, which he gradually unfolds and permits man to see.  His attributes have no limitations.  He is so wise that he knew the end from the beginning and outlined all of his great plan to the very minutest detail.—­Acts 15:18.


[12]It is conceded by all that man is the very highest type of all living creatures on the earth.  His intelligence is far superior to that of any other earthly being.  Truly man is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Is it not reasonable for him to expect that the Almighty God would reveal to man something of the divine greatness and plans and purposes?  Yes, and such revelation is found in that wonderful book, the holy Bible.

[13]Who wrote the Bible?  What is known as the Old Testament was written by holy men of old who were moved upon by the invisible power of Jehovah to write it. (2 Peter 1:21; 2 Samuel 23:2; Luke 1:70) The New Testament consists of the spoken words of Jesus, the Son of God, who spake as never man spake, and whose words were recorded by those who heard him and witnessed his acts; and in addition thereto, the written testimony of his disciples, who wrote under inspiration from God.

[14]The holy spirit means the invisible power or influence of Jehovah—­ holy because he is holy.  This power of Jehovah operated upon the minds of honest men who loved and who were devoted to righteousness, directing them in the writing of the Bible.  The spirit of God, i.e., his invisible power and influence, moved upon the waters and thereby he created.  (Genesis 1:2) In like manner his invisible power and influence operated upon the minds of men and directed them what to write.  Thus did Moses write the first five books of the Bible.  The invisible power or influence of God, which is the holy spirit, operating upon Moses’ mind enabled him to make a record of the chief events that had occurred and to write the law of God, as given to his people through Moses.  In no other way could the true history of creation have been written.  These facts and truths were, therefore, written by inspiration of God. (2 Timothy 3:16; Job 32:8) There are twenty-four prophetic writers of the Old Testament, who foretold the great events that were to transpire in the earth.  Their accounts were written at different times and under widely different conditions, yet their testimonies agree.  Their testimony foreshadowed future events.

[15]History, when written, is a recorded statement of facts and events, arranged in a chronological order.

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