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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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Will the people have Decoration Day services during the Millennial reign of Christ? ¶ 613.

Will they assemble to discuss politics and fight over who shall hold the offices? or what will be the condition?  Give Scriptural reasons. ¶ 613.

What is the great enemy of the human race? and how long has its sting been felt? ¶ 614.

Describe its effect upon human beings who survive. ¶ 614.

What has been the one consoling thing that has cheered the hearts of some? ¶ 614.

What hope has the Christian concerning his beloved dead? ¶ 614.

Relate an experience showing why the Christian sorrows not as those who have no hope. ¶ 615.

What does the power of the ocean illustrate to the Christian? ¶ 616.

How does this compare with the One who created the moon and the stars and the sun? ¶ 616.

How will this power be used in behalf of the dead? ¶ 616.

By faith the Christians see what in the near future for their beloved dead? and what effect does this have upon the mind of such? ¶ 617.

Is the restoration string of the harp of God a consolation to the Christian? and if so, why? ¶ 618.

Why does the Lord keep such in perfect peace, notwithstanding the turmoil in the earth? ¶ 618.

What two great doctrines of the divine plan were obscured for many years? and by what strings of the harp are they represented? ¶ 619. (See back reference)

Why have these doctrines been obscured? ¶ 619.

If they have been revived or discovered in recent years, what has been the cause? ¶ 619.

What effect upon Christians does the knowledge of restitution have? ¶ 619.

What Psalm pictures this joyful effect? ¶ 619.

In what kind of phrase has the plan of God been stated? ¶ 620.

Who have been able to understand God’s plan? ¶ 620.

What did the Psalmist mean when he said:  “I will incline mine ear to a parable; I will open my dark sayings upon the harp”? ¶ 620.

What kind of music does this harp yield when understood? ¶ 620.

How does the chord of restitution respond to the other strings of the harp? ¶ 620.

How did the Psalmist picture the effect of Messiah’s reign upon the people?  Quote the Psalm. ¶ 620.

What will be the condition of the obedient ones at the end of the Millennial reign? ¶ 621.

How will the harp of God appear to them? ¶ 621.

How is the consecrated Christian pictured at this time relative to the kingdoms and the harp of God?  Give Scriptural reason for the answer. ¶ 621.

To what are these Christians looking? ¶ 621.

What is meant by the Hallelujah chorus? ¶ 622.

By faith looking to the end of the Millennial reign, describe the conditions that will then prevail. ¶ 622.

What will be the condition of Satan at that time? ¶ 622.

What will be the condition of Abraham and the other faithful prophets? ¶ 622.

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