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Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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[614]Death is a cruel enemy of the human race.  Its sting has been felt for ages.  It takes away beloved ones and leaves a burning dagger in the heart of the surviving friend.  It has filled the earth with sadness, and the people with grief.  But the sweet music from the harp of God has cheered some sad hearts who have learned of the divine arrangement to restore their dear ones whom they have loved and lost awhile.  By faith the Christian sees that in his own good time and way God will bring back their beloved dead and give them an opportunity for endless life and happiness, because he has promised thus to do.  The Christian knows that God’s promises are certain of fulfillment and that his power to perform is unlimited.  Such faith, based upon the precious promises, helps now in a measure to allay the sting of death.

[615]Beside the tossing billows of the mighty ocean one walks in silent meditation.  Her mind turns to a beloved one who during the World War was taken away to serve in the navy.  For a time he sailed the seas and returned, only to sicken and die, leaving behind a bleeding heart, which only time and the Lord can heal.  As her feet silently tread the soft sands recently caressed by the waves, her mind is filled with thoughts of happy days spent with her beloved brother, whose laughter is now hushed in death and who sleeps in Jesus, waiting for the time of resurrection.  The former joyful days were turned into sorrow because of Death’s wicked hand.  But the great Burden-Bearer lightens her load and helps her to bear her sorrow as there come to her mind the words spoken through his messenger:  “Sorrow not as others, who have no hope; for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring by him....  Comfort one another with these words.”—­1 Thessalonians 4:13,14,18.

[616]Gazing far out to sea, she observes a mighty ship being tossed by the power of the waves as though it were an empty shell.  What marvelous power is thus displayed by those waves!  Yet it is but a semblance of the power of God.  He who made the great ocean and caused the moon to kiss its bosom at nightfall; he who hung the stars in the heavens, which serve to guide the weary and wave-tossed mariner in his stormy course, and who holds back the winds until he has reached his desired haven—­he it is who is clothed with all power and authority in heaven and in earth, and has promised to bring back the beloved dead from the grave.  His promise he will faithfully keep.

[617]Her meditations for a time sad, are now turned into silent joy because of the hope planted in that once troubled bosom by the precious promises of God.  By faith she sees the blessed day, not far distant, when back to life shall come that beloved brother.  By faith she sees him hurrying over the highway of holiness, until he is made strong, vigorous, and returns to the days of his youth, and shall dwell in peace and happiness for ever.

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