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Describe the appearance of the bride class. ¶ 532.

How will that marriage compare with earthly marriages or unions? ¶ 532.

Why will the members of the body of Christ be a monument to the grace of
God? ¶ 533.

In vision, how did St. John describe the church class this side the vail using the harp of God? ¶ 534.


  Thy works all praise Thee:  all Thy angels praise: 
  Thy saints adore, and on Thy altars burn
  The fragrant incense of perpetual love. 
  They praise Thee now:  their hearts, their voices praise,
  And swell the rapture of the glorious song. 
  Harp! lift thy voice on high—­shout, angels, shout! 
  And loudest, ye redeemed! glory to God,
  And to the Lamb, who bought us with His blood,
  From every kindred, nation, people, tongue;
  And washed, and sanctified, and saved our souls;
  And gave us robes of linen pure, and crowns
  Of life, and made us kings, and priests to God. 
  Shout back to ancient Time!  Sing loud, and wave
  Your palms of triumph! sing, Where is thy sting,
  O Death? where is thy victory, O Grave? 
  Thanks be to God, eternal thanks, who gave
  Us victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
  Harp, lift thy voice on high! shout, angels, shout,
  And loudest, ye redeemed! glory to God,
  And to the Lamb—­all glory and all praise;
  All glory and all praise, at morn and even,
  That come and go eternally; and find
  Us happy still, and Thee for ever blest. 
  Glory to God, and to the Lamb.  Amen. 
  For ever, and for evermore.  Amen.




String 10:  Restoration

The restoration string of the harp of God is one that will fill the earth with joyful song.  Although every prophet from Samuel to John the Baptist spoke of the coming days of restoration, this wonderful doctrine represented by the tenth string of the harp was for a long time lost to the vision of many who claimed to be Christians, as was also the doctrine of the Abrahamic promise.  Hence we see that the eight-string harp sometimes used by the Jews represents the harp of God minus the strings picturing the Abrahamic promise and restoration.  Now these strings or doctrines have been found and appreciated by God’s people; and the harp fully strung yields music of unspeakable sweetness.

[536]Restoration means to restore that which was lost.  The first man Adam was made perfect, in the image and likeness of God, with power and authority to fill the earth with a race of people and to rule the earth as his dominion.  By reason of his sin, he brought upon himself the manifestation of divine justice; and being sentenced to death, he lost the right to life, and this right was lost also for his offspring.  The first man, Adam, was created a human being, not

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