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[405]Before 1799 the means of transportation were such that a man could travel only a short distance in a day.  He must go either by a vehicle drawn by horses or oxen, or afoot; and when he would cross the sea he must go in a sailboat that made little progress.  In 1831 the first locomotive steam engine was invented.  Such wonderful progress has been made in this regard that now one can travel through almost any part of the earth at a rapid rate upon a railway train.  Later came the electric engines and electric motor cars and gas engines; and now there is a tremendous amount of travel in every part of the earth.  It is no uncommon thing for one to travel at the rate of 75 and 100 miles per hour; and particularly is this true by means of a flying machine, which is a very modern invention.

[406]God’s Prophet designates this same time as “the day of God’s preparation”.  In Nahum 2:1-6 the Prophet records his vision of a railway train traveling at a high rate of speed, as another evidence of the day of preparation for the establishment of Christ’s kingdom.

[407]In 1844 the telegraph was invented, and later the telephone.  These instruments were first used with wires and by electricity messages were conveyed throughout the earth; but now by later invention wires are dispensed with and messages are flashed through the air by the use of instruments all over the earth.

[408]This great increase of knowledge and the tremendous running to and fro of the people in various parts of the earth without question is a fulfillment of the prophecy testifying as to “the time of the end”.  These physical facts cannot be disputed and are sufficient to convince any reasonable mind that we have been in “the time of the end” since 1799.

[409]The latter part of “the time of the end” Jesus designates as a time of harvest, because he says:  “The harvest is the end of the world [age]”.  He stated that he would be present at that time.  From 1874 forward is the latter part of the period of “the time of the end”.  From 1874 is the time of the Lord’s second presence, as above stated.  The apostle Paul enumerating many things done concerning Israel states that “they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world [age] are come”. (1 Corinthians 10:11) It must be presumed, then, that these things would be understood at “the time of the end”.

[410]The Lord’s illustration of the sun rising in the east and shining across to the west, which would occur at the time of his presence, is further proof of the increased light at the time of his presence; and true to prophecy, this has taken place.  The laboring classes have always been down-trodden and kept in subjection to the financial, ecclesiastical, and political princes.  It was in the year 1874, the date of our Lord’s second presence, that the first labor organization was created in the world.  From that time forward there has been a marvelous increase of light and the inventions and discoveries have been

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