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RALEIGH.  Gilbert, Cavendish, Raleigh, and the other gentlemen-adventurers, were soldiers, not sailors; and if they had gone afloat two centuries later they would have fought at the head of marines, not of blue-jackets; so their lives belong to a different kind of biography from that concerned with Hawkins, Frobisher. and Drake.  Edwards’s Life of Sir Walter Raleigh (1868) contains all the most interesting letters and is a competent work of its own kind.  Oldys’ edition of Raleigh’s Works still holds the field though its eight volumes were published so long ago as 1829.  Raleigh’s Discovery of Guiana is the favorite for reprinting.  The Hakluyt Society has produced an elaborate edition (1847) while a very cheap and handy one has been published in Cassell’s National Library.  W.G.  Gosling’s Life of Sir Humphry Gilbert (1911) is the best recent work of its kind.

The likeliest of all the Hakluyt Society’s volumes, so far as its title is concerned, is one which has hardly any direct bearing on the subject of our book.  Yet the reader who is disappointed by the text of Divers Voyages to America because it is not devoted to Elizabethan sea-dogs will be richly rewarded by the notes on pages 116-141.  These quaint bits of information and advice were intended for quite another purpose, But their transcriber’s faith in their wider applicability is fully justified.  Here is the exact original heading under which they first appeared:  Notes in Writing besides More Privie by Mouth that were given by a Gentleman, Anno 1580, to M. Arthure Pette and to M. Charles Jackman, sent by the Marchants of the Muscovie Companie for the discouerie of the northeast strayte, not all together vnfit for some other enterprises of discouerie hereafter to bee taken in hande.

See also in The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Ed. the articles on Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Drake, Raleigh, etc.


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