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We fish, we fish, we merrily swim,
We care not for friend nor for foe: 
      Our fins are stout,
      Our tails are out,
As through the seas we go.


Ha, ha, gods and kings; fill high, one and all;
Drink, drink! shout and drink! mad respond to
    the call! 
Fill fast, and fill full; ’gainst the goblet ne’er
Quaff there, at high tide, to the uttermost
      Flood-tide, and soul-tide to the brim!

Who with wine in him fears? who thinks of his
Who sighs to be wise, when wine in him flares? 
Water sinks down below, in currents full slow;
But wine mounts on high with its genial glow:—­
      Welling up, till the brain overflow!

As the spheres, with a roll, some fiery of soul,
Others golden, with music, revolve round the
So let our cups, radiant with many hued wines,
Round and round in groups circle, our Zodiac’s
      Round reeling, and ringing their chimes!

Then drink, gods and kings; wine merriment
It bounds through the veins; there, jubilant
Let it ebb, then, and flow; wine never grows
Drain down that bright tide at the foam beaded
      Fill up, every cup, to the brim!


We drop our dead in the sea,
  The bottomless, bottomless sea;
Each bubble a hollow sigh,
  As it sinks forever and aye.

We drop our dead in the sea,—­
  The dead reek not of aught;
We drop our dead in the sea,—­
  The sea ne’er gives it a thought.

Sink, sink, oh corpse, still sink,
  Far down in the bottomless sea,
Where the unknown forms do prowl,
  Down, down in the bottomless sea.

’Tis night above, and night all round,
  And night will it be with thee;
As thou sinkest, and sinkest for aye,
  Deeper down in the bottomless sea.


Far off in the sea is Marlena,
A land of shades and streams,
A land of many delights,
Dark and bold, thy shores, Marlena;
But green, and timorous, thy soft knolls,
Crouching behind the woodlands. 
All shady thy hills; all gleaming thy springs,
Like eyes in the earth looking at you. 
How charming thy haunts, Marlena!—­
Oh, the waters that flow through Onimoo;
Oh, the leaves that rustle through Ponoo: 
Oh, the roses that blossom in Tarma. 
Come, and see the valley of Vina: 
How sweet, how sweet, the Isles from Hina: 
’Tis aye afternoon of the full, full moon,
And ever the season of fruit,
And ever the hour of flowers,
And never the time of rains and gales,
All in and about Marlena. 
Soft sigh the boughs in the stilly air,
Soft lap the beach the billows there;
And in the woods or by the streams,
You needs must nod in the Land of Dreams.

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