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How often we hear the question:  “Why is it the wicked prosper so?” or “He’s such a bad man and yet everything he does prospers.”  Holy Writ is very clear on this subject.  The sacred writer evidently was well posted on the tendency of human nature to worry and concern itself about the affairs of others, hence his injunction: 

  Fret not thyself because of evil doers.

In other words, it’s none of your business.  And I am inclined to believe that a careful study of the Bible would reveal to every busybody who worries over the affairs of others that he himself has enough to do to attend to himself, and that his worry anyhow is a ridiculous, absurd, and senseless piece of supererogation, and rather a proof of human conceit and vanity than of true concern for the spiritual good of others.



Some forms of ambition are sure and certain developers and feeders of worry and fretful distress, and should be guarded against with jealous care.  We hear a great deal from our physicians of the germs of disease that seize upon us and infect our whole being, but not all the disease germs that ever infected a race are so demoralizing to one’s peace and joy as are the germs of such deadly mental diseases as those of envy, malice, covetousness, ambition, and the like.  Ambition, like wine, is a mocker.  It is a vain deluder of men.  It takes an elevated position and beckons to you to rise, that you may be seen and flattered of men.  It does not say:  “Gain strength and power, wisdom and virtue, so that men will place you upon the pedestal of their veneration, respect, and love,” but it bids you seize the “spotlight” and hold it, and no sooner are you there than it begins to pester you, as with a hundred thousand hornets, flying around and stinging you, with doubts and questionings as to whether your fellows see you in this elevated place, whether they really discern your worth, your beauty, your shining qualities; and, furthermore, it quickens your hearing, and bids you strain to listen to what they say about you, and as you do so, you are pricked, stabbed, wounded by their slighting and jeering remarks, their scornful comments upon your impertinent and impudent arrogance at daring to take such a place, and their open denial of your possession of any of the qualities which would entitle you to so honored a position in the eyes of men.

Then, too, it must be recalled that, when fired with the desires of this mocker, ambition, one is inclined, in his selfish absorption, to be ruthless in his dealings with others.  It is so easy to trample upon others when a siren is beckoning you to climb higher, and your ears are eagerly listening to her seductive phrases.  With her song in your ears, you cannot hear the wails of anguish of others, upon whose rights and life you trample, the manly rebukes of those you wound, or the stern remonstrances of those who bid you heed your

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