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The Climax of Suffering:  the darkest shadow—­why the struggle is strange—­shock of extremes—­His purpose in yielding—­separation from the Father—­Matthew 27:46.  Mark 15:34 margin.—­the superlative degree of suffering.

Alone:  a full evening, Matthew 26:17-19 with parallels.  John, chapters 13 to 17.—­for prayer—­on knees and face—­the changed prayer—­ready for the worst.

5.  Calvary:  Victory.  Matthew 26:47-27:61.  Mark 14:  43-15:47.  Luke 22:47-23:56.  John 18:1-19:42.

Yielding to Arrest:  the betrayal—­protecting the disciples—­checking Peter’s violence—­the arrest—­the disciples forsake Him—­except two, John 18:15, 16.

The Real Jewish Ruler:  Annas the intriguer—­an unrebuked insult—­the case settled at once—­before Caiaphas—­difficulty in fixing a charge—­the dramatic question and solemn answer—­second condemnation—­gross insults.

Held Steady by Great Love:  Peter gains entrance through John, John 18:16.—­the stammering denial—­the bolder—­with oaths and curses—­Jesus’ look—­Peter’s tears.

An Obstinate Roman:  before the senate—­trying to make a case—­the formal condemnation—­before Pilate—­an unexpected set-back—­alone with Pilate—­acquitted—­shrill protests—­off to Herod.

A Savage Duel:  before Herod—­no word for him—­more insults—­a second acquittal—­back to Pilate—­his character—­his summing up—­their protests—­his wife’s message—­Barabbas or Jesus—­Pilate weakening—­the scourging and coarse mocking—­Pilate’s surprise—­a new charge—­the governor startled—­alone again with Pilate—­the use of Caesar’s name—­renunciation of national hopes—­the defeated governor’s small revenge—­the duel over.

Victory:  out to Calvary—­the pitying women—­crucified—­praying for the soldiers—­pitching dice for His clothes—­the inscription—­coarse taunts and jests—­winning a man at the very last—­providing for His mother the darkness—­the agonizing cry—­the shout of victory.

6.  The Resurrection:  Gravity Upward.  Matthew 28:1-15.  Mark 16:1-8.  Luke 24:1-49.  John 20:1-21:25. 1 Corinthians 15:4-7.

A New Morning:  early visit to the tomb—­Mary Magdalene’s alarmed call for Peter—­the message of the angels—­Peter and John come—­another group of women get an angelic message.

Jesus seeking out Peter:  Mary Magdalene meets Jesus—­He meets other women—­the soldiers’ story—­alone with Peter.

Made Known in the Breaking of Bread:  the Emmaus travellers—­the Stranger’s explanation—­the evening meal—­the Master!

Even so Send I you:  the meeting in Jerusalem—­the Master’s unexpected presence—­the sure proofs—­breathing on them—­Thomas’ stubborn doubts—­a week later—­a second great catch of fish—­to James—­to five hundred—­on Olives’ top—­the Bethany home not represented.

Gravity Upward:  the resurrection not expected—­fully assured—­the new victory-day—­Jesus was raised—­He rose at will—­His dying voluntary, so the rising—­man’s true gravity—­sin’s gravity—­Jesus’ gravity upward.

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