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2.  The Wilderness:  Temptation.  Matthew 4:1-11.  Mark 1:12, 13.  Luke 4:1-13.

The University of Arabia:  Jesus’ naturalness—­the Spirit’s presence—­intensity, Luke 2:45-51.—­a true perspective—–­ the temptation’s path—­sin’s path—­John’s grouping, 1 John 2:16.—­the Spirit’s plan—­why—­the devil’s weakness—­the Spirit’s leading—­a wilderness for every God-used man, Moses, Elijah, Paul.

Earth’s Ugliest, Deepest Scar:  Jesus the only one led up to be tempted—­the wilderness—­its history, Genesis 13:10-13. 18:16-19:38.—­Jesus really tempted—­no wrong here in inner response—­every temptation—­by the devil.

Waiting the Father’s Word:  the tempter’s skill—­acting divinely—­a stone for hunger—­not wrong in itself—­recognizing temptation—­“man”—­waiting the Father’s word—­the trained inner ear—­not our power but God’s through our obedience.

Love never tests:  a more agreeable setting—­touching tender chords—­the religious temptation—­only through consent—­bad scripture quoting, Psalm 91—­a helpful dust-cloth—­using power only to help—­a true quotation, Deuteronomy 6:16.

The Devil acknowledges the King:  a dazzling scene—­analyzing the tempter’s proposition—­a common cunning trap—­Jesus’ kingly conduct—­the devil obeys Him—­but to return—­a coward—­our safety in Jesus—­lead us not into temptation.

3.  The Transfiguration:  An Emergency Measure.  Matthew 16:28-17:1-8.  Mark 9:1-8.  Luke 9:27-36.

God in Sore Straits:  the darkest hour save one, fugitive, John 7:1. ban, John 9:22, 34. pushing, Matthew 15:1.  Mark 7:1.—­the danger zone, “withdrew,” Matthew 4:12. 12:15. 14:13. 15:21.  Tabernacles, John 7:32. 8:59.—­Galileans desert, John 6:60-66.—­the inner circle infected, John 6:67-71.—­God needs men.

Fire and anvil for Leaders:  mental strength—­seasoned leadership—­Simon and Peter.

An Irresistible Plan:  alone with the twelve—­the changed plan, Matthew 16:18-21.—­Peter’s stupid boldness, Matthew 16:22, with Mark 8:32.—­the best available stuff—­to see the Jesus within—­getting Paul, Acts 9:1-9. 22:6-11. 26:12-18.

The Glory of that Light:  while praying—­changed from within—­absorbed with Jesus’ master-stroke—­the jarring human note—­the glory obscured—­through an opened door—­the kingdom.

A Vision of Jesus:  gleams of light—­the purpose secured, John 20:19, 24, 26-29.—­an indelible impress, John 1:14. 12:41.  Mark 9:3 with 1 Peter 1:16-17.  Acts 12:2.—­changed while looking, Acts 22:11. 2 Corinthians 3:18.

4.  Gethsemane:  The Strange, Lone Struggle.  Matthew 26:36-46.  Mark 14:32-42.  Luke 22:39-46.  Hebrews 5:7.

The Pathway in:  messengers ahead—­Jesus felt the cross drawing near—­the look of His face, Luke 9:51-55.—­His disciples afraid, Mark 10:32.—­indignation against sin, John 11:33, 38. marginal reading American Revision.—­the Greeks, John 12:20-28.

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