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    “I felled the grey oak, ere I hastened to roam,
    And I fashioned a bench for the door of my home;
    And well my dear sister my labour repaid,
    Who gave me three kisses when first it was made.

    “In the old English soldier thy brother appears: 
    Here is gold in abundance, the saving of years: 
    Give me oatcake and milk in return for my store,
    And a seat by thy side on the bench at the door.”

Various other songs succeeded, which, as we are not composing a song book, we shall lay aside for the present.

An old squire, who had not missed one of these anniversaries, during more than half a century, now stood up, and filling a half-pint bumper, pronounced, with a stentorian voice—­“To the immortal memory of Headlong Ap-Rhaiader, and to the health of his noble descendant and worthy representative!” This example was followed by all the gentlemen present.  The harp struck up a triumphal strain; and, the old squire already mentioned, vociferating the first stave, they sang, or rather roared, the following


    Hail to the Headlong! the Headlong Ap-Headlong! 
    All hail to the Headlong, the Headlong Ap-Headlong! 
        The Headlong Ap-Headlong
        Ap-Breakneck Ap-Headlong
    Ap-Cataract Ap-Pistyll Ap-Rhaiader Ap-Headlong!

    The bright bowl we steep in the name of the Headlong: 
    Let the youths pledge it deep to the Headlong Ap-Headlong,
        And the rosy-lipped lasses
        Touch the brim as it passes,
    And kiss the red tide for the Headlong Ap-Headlong!

    The loud harp resounds in the hall of the Headlong: 
    The light step rebounds in the hall of the Headlong: 
        Where shall music invite us,
        Or beauty delight us,
    If not in the hall of the Headlong Ap-Headlong?

    Huzza! to the health of the Headlong Ap-Headlong! 
    Fill the bowl, fill in floods, to the health of the Headlong! 
        Till the stream ruby-glowing,
        On all sides o’erflowing,
    Shall fall in cascades to the health of the Headlong! 
        The Headlong Ap-Headlong
        Ap-Breakneck Ap-Headlong
    Ap-Cataract Ap-Pistyll Ap-Rhaiader Ap-Headlong!

Squire Headlong returned thanks with an appropriate libation, and the company re-adjourned to the ballroom, where they kept it up till sunrise, when the little butler summoned them to breakfast.

CHAPTER XIV The Proposals

The chorus which celebrated the antiquity of her lineage, had been ringing all night in the ears of Miss Brindle-mew Grimalkin Phoebe Tabitha Ap-Headlong, when, taking the squire aside, while the visitors were sipping their tea and coffee, “Nephew Harry,” said she, “I have been noting your behaviour, during the several stages of the ball and supper; and, though I cannot tax you with any want of gallantry, for you

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