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Ashmun, George,
  presides over Republican Convention of 1860, see vol. i.

Assassination of Lincoln,
  plot of 1861, see vol. i.;
  threats during term of office, see vol. ii.;
  successful plot of 1865;
  death of Booth;
  trial and punishment of other persons concerned.

  battle of, see vol. ii.

Atzerodt, Geo. A.,
  accomplice of Booth, tried and condemned, see vol. ii.

Baker, Edward D., in Illinois campaign of 1838; at Illinois bar; candidate for Congress; elected; his agreement with Lincoln and others; introduces Lincoln at inauguration; killed at Ball’s Bluff; responsible for disaster.

Ball’s Bluff,
  battle of, see vol. i.

Banks, Nathaniel P.,
  in Federal army, see vol. i.;
  his corps in 1862, see vol. ii.;
  defeated by Jackson;
  takes Port Hudson.

Barnard, General John G.,
  opposes McClellan’s plan of campaign, see vol. i.;
  on impossibility of taking Yorktown, see vol. ii.

Bates, Edward,
  candidate for Republican nomination, see vol. i.;
  favored by Greeley;
  his chances as a moderate candidate;
  vote for;
  opposes reinforcing Sumter.

Bayard, James A.,
  in Senate in 1861, see vol. i.

Beauregard, General P.G.T.,
  commands at Charleston, see vol. i.;
  notified by Lincoln of purpose to reinforce Sumter;
  requests surrender of Sumter;
  commands bombardment;
  commands Confederate army at Manassas;
  at battle of Bull Run;
  at battle of Shiloh;
  evacuates Corinth.

Bell, John,
  candidate of Constitutional Union party, see vol. i.;
  vote for.

Benjamin, Judah P.,
  denounces Buchanan, see vol. i.;
  in Confederate cabinet.

   battle of, see vol. ii.

Berry, Wm. F.,
  his partnership with Lincoln, and failure, see vol. i.

Big Bethel,
  battle of, see vol. i.

Black, Jeremiah S.,
  in Buchanan’s cabinet, see vol. i.;
  succeeds Cass in State Department;
  after vacillation turns toward coercion;
  forces Buchanan to alter reply to South Carolina commissioners.

Black Hawk war, see vol. i.

Blaine, James G.,
  on purpose of war, see vol. ii.;
  on Lincoln’s order to McDowell to pursue Jackson;
  on crisis in congressional elections of 1862;
  on admission of West Virginia;
  on Vallandigham case.

Blair, F.P., Jr.,
  tries to keep Lee in Union army, see vol. i.;
  leads Unionist party in Missouri;
  in House in 1861;
  confers with Davis, see vol. ii.

Blair, Montgomery,
  in Lincoln’s cabinet, see vol. i.;
  wishes to relieve Sumter;
  at council of war;
  favors McClellan’s plan of war;
  visits Missouri to investigate Fremont;
  arrested by Fremont;
  warns Lincoln that emancipation proclamation will lose fall elections,
      see vol. ii.;
  hated by radicals;
  his dismissal urged;
  upheld by Lincoln;
  resigns at Lincoln’s request;
  wishes chief-justiceship.

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