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The authorities knew perfectly well that for a body of men to march in step, every left foot set down at once, the impact of every right foot striking at the same moment, would so—­I do not say, add to the force exerted—­would so multiply the force exerted upon the bridge as to endanger its safety.  The power of concerted action is immense beyond any power of conception.  Every bit of power at command can so be brought to bear at one point with a force beyond any words to express.

Our Master reverses for us the old bridge sign.  Out from Pentecost rings this word:  “Let my followers all form in line, close ranks, and move out to a world conquest, and—­keep step.”  That command of His will make a winning force so great as to shorten up the world’s present calendars, and shorten up the world’s pain, and lengthen out the new life that will come to untold numbers through Jesus.

"Find My World and Win it Back."

Nearly forty years ago David Livingstone, one of the Church’s great world-winning pioneers, was lost in the depths of equatorial Africa.  That is to say, he had advanced so far ahead of everybody else that the rest of us lost track of him, and so we called him lost.  Perhaps we got the use of the word twisted, and we were the lost ones because we hadn’t kept up.  He had gone where the Church was told to go, but the rest of us had lingered behind, and so the main column became detached from its leader.  Everybody was talking about the lost leader.

James Gordon Bennett, the owner of the New York Herald, sent a telegram to one of its correspondents, Henry M. Stanley.  Bennett was in Paris, and Stanley at Gibraltar.  The telegram summoned Stanley to come to Paris at once.  Stanley went, reached Paris at midnight, knocked at the great newspaper-man’s door, and asked what was wanted.  “Find Livingstone,” was the short, blunt reply.  “How much money do you place at my disposal?” asked Stanley.  “Fifty thousand dollars, or a larger sum.  Never mind about the money; find Livingstone.”

Stanley went.  It took two years’ time to get ready.  It required a specially planned campaign and thorough preparation.  The planning was done, and the world was thrilled when the bold missionary leader was found.

Our Master has sent a message to His Church.  It is written down in a Book, and is being repeated by wireless messages constantly.  He says, “Find my world, and bring it back; never mind about the expense of money and lives. Find my world and win it back.” And the Church has the winning power to do it.

Each One of Us

  Our Drawing Power. 
  Sowing Ourselves in Life’s Soil. 
  Our Need of a World to Win. 
  Living Broad Lives in Narrow Alleys. 
  Giving God Free Use of Ourselves. 
  Growing Bigger for Service’s Sake. 
  My Mission-field. 
  Our Spirit-touch.

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