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H. Irving Hancock
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“For a good many of the men, who want to get through,” smiled Dave, “Saturday evening is a heaven-sent chance to do a little more studying against a blue next week.  As for Danny boy, I imagine he must have carried his grin up to Wilson’s room.  Or, maybe, to Jetson’s.  Danny has plenty of harbors where he’s welcome to cast his anchor.”

“May I sit down?” queried Mr. Farley.

“Surely, Furl, and with my heartiest apologies for having been too dull to push a chair toward you.”

“I can easily help myself,” laughed the other midshipman, “since there’s only one other chair in the room.”

“What have you and Page been talking about tonight?” asked Dave.

“Why do you want to know?”

“So that I won’t run the risk of boring you by talking oh the same subject.”

“Well,” confessed Midshipman Farley, “we’ve been talking about this season’s football.”

“Oh, dear!” sighed Darrin.  “That’s the only topic really worth talking about.”

“Speaking of football,” resumed Farley, “don’t you believe that we have a stronger eleven than we had last year!”

“If we haven’t we ought to walk the plank,” retorted Dave.  “You remember how the Army walloped us last year?”

“That was because the Army team had Prescott and Holmes on it,” rejoined Farley quickly.

“Well, they’ll have ’em this year, too, won’t they?

“So Prescott and Holmes are to be out for the Army this year!”

“I haven’t heard anything definite on that head,” Dave answered.  “But I take it as a matter of course that Prescott and Holmes will play once more with the Army.  They’re West Point men, and they know their duty.”

“What wonders that pair are!” murmured Farley with reluctant admiration for the star players of the United States Military Academy.  “Yet, after all, Darry, I can’t for the life of me see where Prescott and Holmes are in any way superior to yourself and Dan Dalzell.”

“Except,” smiled Dave, “that Prescott and Holmes, last year, got by us a good deal oftener than we got by them—–­and so the Army lugged off the score from Franklin Field.”

“But you won’t let ’em do it this year, Darry!”

“Dan and I will do all we can to stop our oldtime chums, now of the Army,” agreed Dave.  “But they’re a hard pair to beat.  Any one who saw Prescott and Holmes play last year will agree that they’re a hard pair of nuts for the Navy to crack.”

“We’ve got to beat the Army this year,” Farley protested plaintively.

“I certainly hope we shall do so.”

“Darry, what is your candid opinion of Wolgast?”

“As a man?”

“You know better!”

“As a midshipman?”

“Darry, stop your nonsense!  You know well enough that I’m asking your opinion of Wolgast as captain of the Navy eleven.”

“He seems inclined to be fair and just to every member of the squad, so what more can you ask of him.”

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