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Mrs. Anne S. Hooper. 
Miss Alice S. Hooper. 
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Mr. T.G.  Appleton. 
Mrs. Henry Edwards. 
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Misses Wigglesworth. 
Mr. Edward Wigglesworth. 
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Friends in New York and Philadelphia, through Mr. Williams. 
Mr. William Whiting. 
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Mr. John E. Williams. 
Dr. Le Baron Russell.

In May, 1873, Emerson returned to Concord.  His friends and fellow-citizens received him with every token of affection and reverence.  A set of signals was arranged to announce his arrival.  Carriages were in readiness for him and his family, a band greeted him with music, and passing under a triumphal arch, he was driven to his renewed old home amidst the welcomes and the blessings of his loving and admiring friends and neighbors.


1873-1878.  AET. 70-75.

Publication of “Parnassus.”—­Emerson Nominated as Candidate for the
Office of Lord Rector of Glasgow University.—­Publication of
“Letters and Social Aims.”  Contents:  Poetry and Imagination.—­Social
Aims.—­Eloquence.—­Resources.—­The Comic.—­Quotation and
Originality.—­Progress of Culture.—­Persian Poetry.—­Inspiration.—­
Greatness.—­Immortality.—­Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of “The
Minute-Man” at Concord.—­Publication of Collected Poems.

In December, 1874, Emerson published “Parnassus,” a Collection of Poems by British and American authors.  Many readers may like to see his subdivisions and arrangement of the pieces he has brought together.  They are as follows:  “Nature.”—­“Human Life.”—­“Intellectual.”  —­“Contemplation.”—­“Moral and Religious.”—­“Heroic.”—­“Personal.”  —­“Pictures.”—­“Narrative Poems and Ballads.”—­“Songs.”—­“Dirges and Pathetic Poems.”—­“Comic and Humorous.”—­“Poetry of Terror.”—­“Oracles and Counsels.”

I have borrowed so sparingly from the rich mine of Mr. George Willis Cooke’s “Ralph Waldo Emerson, His Life, Writings, and Philosophy,” that I am pleased to pay him the respectful tribute of taking a leaf from his excellent work.

“This collection,” he says,

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