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“Good-bye, Strelitski,” said Raphael huskily.  “Success to your dreams.”

The idealist turned round with a start.  His face was bright and resolute; the black curl streamed buoyantly on the breeze.

“Good-bye,” he responded, with a giant’s grip of the hand.  “Success to your hopes.”

Raphael darted away with his long stride.  The sun was still bright, but for a moment everything seemed chill and dim to Esther Ansell’s vision.  With a sudden fit of nervous foreboding she stretched out her arms towards the vanishing figure of her lover.  But she saw him once again in the tender, waving his handkerchief towards the throbbing vessel that glided with its freight of hopes and dreams across the great waters towards the New World.


H. = Hebrew. G. = German. Gk. = Greek. R. = Russian. S. = Spanish. c. = corrupt.

Achi-nebbich (etymology obscure),
  Alas, poor thing(s).

Afikuman (Hebraicized Gk.),
  portion of a Passover cake taken at the end of Sedermeal (q.v.).

Agadah (H.),
  narrative portion of the Talmud; Passover-eve ritual.

Amidah (H.),
  series of Benedictions said standing.

Arbah Kanfus (H.) lit.,
  four corners; a garment consisting of two shoulder straps supporting
  a front and back piece with fringes at each corner (Numbers xv.

Ashkenazim (H.)
  German; hence, also, Russian and Polish Jews.

Badchan (H.),
  professional jester.

Bensh (?),
  say grace.

Beth Din (H.),
  court of judgment.

Beth Medrash (H.),

Bube (G.),

Cabbalah (H.), Cabbulah (c.), lit.,
  tradition; mystic lore.

Calloh (H.),
  bride; fiancee.

Chazan (H.),

Chevra (H.),
  small congregation; a society.

Chine (H.),
  playful humor; humorous anecdote.

Chocham (H.),
  wise man.

Chomutz (H.),

Chosan (H.),
  bridegroom; fiance.

Chuppah (H.),
  wedding canopy.

Cohen (H.),

Dayan (H.),
  rabbi who renders decisions.

Din (H.),
  law, decision.

Droshes (H.),

Epikouros (H. from Gk.),
  heretic, scoffer; Epicurean.

Froom (c.  G.),

Gelt (c.G.),

Gematriyah (Hebraicised Gk.),
  mystic, numerical interpretation of Scripture.

Gomorah (H.),
  part of the Talmud.

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