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In short, Cyrus Harding believed that fortune had turned against them.

In fact, the convicts’ ship had appeared in the waters of the island, and if the pirates had been, so to speak, miraculously destroyed, six of them, at least, had escaped the catastrophe.  They had disembarked on the island, and it was almost impossible to get at the five who survived.  Ayrton had no doubt been murdered by these wretches, who possessed firearms, and at the first use that they had made of them, Herbert had fallen, wounded almost mortally.  Were these the first blows aimed by adverse fortune at the colonists?  This was often asked by Harding.  This was often repeated by the reporter; and it appeared to him also that the intervention, so strange, yet so efficacious, which till then had served them so well, had now failed them.  Had this mysterious being, whatever he was, whose existence could not be denied, abandoned the island?  Had he in his turn succumbed?

No reply was possible to these questions.  But it must not be imagined that because Harding and his companions spoke of these things, they were men to despair.  Far from that.  They looked their situation in the face, they analyzed the chances, they prepared themselves for any event, they stood firm and straight before the future, and if adversity was at last to strike them, it would find in them men prepared to struggle against it.

Chapter 9

The convalescence of the young invalid was regularly progressing.  One thing only was now to be desired, that his state would allow him to be brought to Granite House.  However well built and supplied the corral house was, it could not be so comfortable as the healthy granite dwelling.  Besides, it did not offer the same security, and its tenants, notwithstanding their watchfulness, were here always in fear of some shot from the convicts.  There, on the contrary, in the middle of that impregnable and inaccessible cliff, they would have nothing to fear, and any attack on their persons would certainly fail.  They therefore waited impatiently for the moment when Herbert might be moved without danger from his wound, and they were determined to make this move, although the communication through Jacamar Wood was very difficult.

They had no news from Neb, but were not uneasy on that account.  The courageous Negro, well entrenched in the depths of Granite House, would not allow himself to be surprised.  Top had not been sent again to him, as it appeared useless to expose the faithful dog to some shot which might deprive the settlers of their most useful auxiliary.

They waited, therefore, although they were anxious to be reunited at Granite House.  It pained the engineer to see his forces divided, for it gave great advantage to the pirates.  Since Ayrton’s disappearance they were only four against five, for Herbert could not yet be counted, and this was not the least care of the brave boy, who well understood the trouble of which he was the cause.

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