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“Very well, wait, and we will not attack them unless we are attacked first.”

Thus their behavior towards the pirates was agreed upon, although Pencroft augured nothing good from it.  They were not to attack them, but were to be on their guard.  After all, the island was large and fertile.  If any sentiment of honesty yet remained in the bottom of their hearts, these wretches might perhaps be reclaimed.  Was it not their interest in the situation in which they found themselves to begin a new life?  At any rate, for humanity’s sake alone, it would be right to wait.  The colonists would no longer as before, be able to go and come without fear.  Hitherto they had only wild beasts to guard against, and now six convicts of the worst description, perhaps, were roaming over their island.  It was serious, certainly, and to less brave men, it would have been security lost!  No matter!  At present, the colonists had reason on their side against Pencroft.  Would they be right in the future?  That remained to be seen.

Chapter 6

However, the chief business of the colonists was to make that complete exploration of the island which had been decided upon, and which would have two objects:  to discover the mysterious being whose existence was now indisputable, and at the same time to find out what had become of the pirates, what retreat they had chosen, what sort of life they were leading, and what was to be feared from them.  Cyrus Harding wished to set out without delay; but as the expedition would be of some days duration, it appeared best to load the cart with different materials and tools in order to facilitate the organization of the encampments.  One of the onagers, however, having hurt its leg, could not be harnessed at present, and a few days’ rest was necessary.  The departure was, therefore, put off for a week, until the 20th of November.  The month of November in this latitude corresponds to the month of May in the northern zones.  It was, therefore, the fine season.  The sun was entering the tropic of Capricorn, and gave the longest days in the year.  The time was, therefore, very favorable for the projected expedition, which, if it did not accomplish its principal object, would at any rate be fruitful in discoveries, especially of natural productions, since Harding proposed to explore those dense forests of the Far West, which stretched to the extremity of the Serpentine Peninsula.

During the nine days which preceded their departure, it was agreed that the work on Prospect Heights should be finished off.

Moreover, it was necessary for Ayrton to return to the corral, where the domesticated animals required his care.  It was decided that he should spend two days there, and return to Granite House after having liberally supplied the stables.

As he was about to start, Harding asked him if he would not like one of them to accompany him, observing that the island was less safe than formerly.  Ayrton replied that this was unnecessary, as he was enough for the work, and that besides he apprehended no danger.  If anything occurred at the corral, or in the neighborhood, he could instantly warn the colonists by sending a telegram to Granite House.

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