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So, glowing, he tore it open, and read: 


I think it best never to see you again.  Aunt Paula approves of this; but it is done entirely of my own accord.  My decision will not change.  Please do not call at my house, for I shall not see you.  Please do not write, for I shall send your letters back unopened.  Please do not try to see me outside, for I shall not recognize you.  I thank you for your interest in me; and believe me, I remain,

    Your sincere friend,


After a dreadful day, he came back to the Club and found a package, addressed in her hand.  Out fell a little bundle of rags, topped by a comical black face, and a note.  The letter of the morning was in a firm, correct hand.  This was a trembling scrawl, blotted with tears.  And it read: 

Dear, I have something terrible to write you.  I must give you up.  I cannot go into all the reasons now, and after all that would not help any, for it all comes to this—­we must never see each other again.  Please do not send me a letter, for though I should cover it with my kisses, in the end I would have to send it back unopened.  I send you Black Dinah as I promised.  It’s all that’s left of me now, and I want you to have it.  Dearest, dearest, good-by.



“Cut, dearie,” said Rosalie Le Grange, trance and test clairvoyant, to Hattie, the landlady’s daughter.  “Now keep your wish in your mind, remember.  That’s right; a deep cut for luck.  U-um.  The nine of hearts is your wish—­and right beside it is the ace of hearts.  That means your home, dearie—­the spirits don’t lie, even when they’re manifestin’ themselves just through cards.  They guide your hand when you shuffle and cut.  Your wish is about the affections, ain’t it, dearie?”

The pretty slattern across the table nodded.  She had put down her dust-pan and leaned her broom across her knees when she sat down to receive the only tip which Rosalie Le Grange, in the existing state of her finances, could give.

“I got your wish now, dearie,” announced Rosalie Le Grange.  “The spirits sometimes help the cards somethin’ wonderful.  Here it comes.  I thought so.  The three of hearts for gladness an’ rejoicin’ right next to the ace, which is your home.  Now that might mean a little home of your own, but the influence I git with it is so weak I don’t think it means anythin’ as strong an’ big as that.  Wait a minute—­now it comes straight an’ definite—­he’ll call—­rejoicin’ at your home because he’ll call.  Do you understand that, dearie?”

“Sure!” Hattie’s eyes were big with awe.

“Hat-tie!” came a raucous voice from outside.

“Yes-m!” answered Hattie.

“Are you going to be all day redding up them rooms?” pursued the voice.

“Nearly through!” responded Hattie.  Rosalie Le Grange made pantomime of sweeping; and—­

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