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Her Ladyship, in extreme surprise, wondered how Harry could be so tiresome and absurd as to stop her airing for any such purpose.  She really did not know what she said.  How could she?  It was more than an hour ago.

“Well, then, say what you think of her now,” cried Douglas impatiently.

“Think of her! why, what all the world must think—­that she is the happiest woman in it.  She looked so uncommonly well last night, and was in such spirits, in her fancy dress, before she masked.  After that, I quite lost sight of her.”

“As everyone else has done.  She has not been seen since.  Her favourite St. Leger is missing too, and there is hardly a doubt but that they are gone off together.”

Even Lady Juliana was shocked at this intelligence, though the folly, more than the wickedness, of the thing, seemed to strike her mind; but Henry was no nice observer, and was therefore completely satisfied with the disapprobation she expressed for her sister-in-law’s conduct.

“I am so sorry for poor dear Lindore,” said Lady Juliana after having exhausted herself in invectives against his wife.  “Such a generous creature as he to be used in such a manner—­it is quite shocking to think of it!  If he had been an ill-natured stingy wretch it would have been nothing; but Frederick is such a noble-hearted fellow—­I dare say he would give me a thousand pounds if I were to ask him, for he don’t care about money.”

“Lord Lindore takes the matter very coolly, understand,” replied her husband; “but—­don’t be alarmed, dear Julia—­your father has suffered a little from the violence of his feelings.  He has had a sort of apoplectic fit, but is not considered in immediate danger.”

Lady Juliana burst into tears, desired the carriage might be put up, as she should not go out, and even declared her intention of abstaining from Mrs. D-----’s assembly that evening.  Henry warmly commended the extreme propriety of these measures; and, not to be outdone in greatness of mind, most heroically sent an apology to a grand military dinner at the Duke of Y—–­’s; observing, at the same time, that, in the present state of the family, one or two friends to a quiet family dinner was as much as they should be up to.


“I but purpose to embark with thee
On the smooth surface of a summer sea,
While gentle zephyrs play in prosp ’rous gales,
And Fortune’s favour fills the swelling sails.”

Henry and Emma.

How long these voluntary sacrifices to duty and propriety might have been made it would mot be difficult to guess; but Lady Juliana’s approaching confinement rendered her seclusion more and more a matter of necessity; and shortly after these events took place she presented her delighted husband with a son.  Henry lost no time in announcing the birth of his child to General Cameron, and at the same time requesting he would stand godfather, and give his name to the child.  The answer was as follows;—­

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