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The quantity of spirits at this time in the colony occasioned much intoxication and consequent irregularity.  The settlers at the river were so lost to their own interest as to neglect the sowing of their grounds:  a circumstance which, but for the timely interference of the governor, would have ended in their ruin.  Immediately on hearing their situation, he forbade the sending any more spirits to that profligate corner of the colony, as well as the retailing what had been already sent thither, under pain of the offenders being prosecuted for such disobedience of his orders.


Reports of seditious meetings among the Irish convicts
The Friendship sails for Bengal
Letter from Lord Mornington respecting persons resident at Bengal, formerly in this colony
Correspondence relative to Indian convicts, and persons at Calcutta wishing to become settlers in New South Wales
Criminal court held
Two men hanged for sheep-stealing
The Hunter sails with Major Foveaux for Norfolk Island
The Buffalo ordered for sea
Public gaol
Three men executed
General muster
Cattle purchased
The Martha driven on shore
Survey of public stores
Spirits landed and seized
Death of Wilson
Rumours of Insurrection
Volunteer corps
Coal found
The John Jay arrives
The governor quits the settlement
Live stock, etc
The Buffalo sails for England
Touches at Norfolk Island

May.] The governor having received information from several of the officers, that they had good grounds for suspecting that some of the convicts lately arrived from Ireland had not left behind them the principles which occasioned their being sent from that kingdom, but were carrying on seditious correspondences, and holding unlawful meetings; in order to discover whether there was any foundation for this conjecture, he called in the assistance of Lieutenant-Governor King, Colonel Paterson, Major Foveaux, and the several magistrates of the district; when it was determined to make a sudden and general search among the persons suspected in all parts of the colony at one and the same hour, and to secure their papers and seal them up.

This was put in execution upon the 15th; but nothing was found in their several dwellings which could furnish the smallest suspicion of the conduct imputed to them.

On the following day, a convict, who had endeavoured with some earnestness to propagate a report that many pikes had been fabricated, and, to prevent discovery, had been sunk in a particular part of the harbour, was examined before some of the magistrates; when he confessed that he knew nothing of what he had asserted; saying, that he was intoxicated at the time.  He was severely punished for his design, which perhaps he chose rather to endure, than impeach his confederates.

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