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For the history of Canada since 1840, consult.—­Canada since the Union (1840—­1880), by J. Charles Dent (Toronto, 1880—­81); Le Canada sous l’Union, by Louis Turcotte (Quebec, 1871); Memoirs of the Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, by Joseph Pope, his private secretary (London and Ottawa, 1894); Debates on Confederation (Quebec, 1865); Confederation, by Hon. J.H.  Gray, M.P., a delegate to the Quebec Conference (Toronto, 1872).

For the constitutional development of Canada, consult.—­A Manual, by J.G.  Bourinot (Montreal, 1888, and included in latest edition of his Parliamentary Procedure, 1891); How Canada is Governed, by the same (Toronto, 1897—­1900); Parliamentary Government in the Colonies, by Alpheus Todd (London, 1894); Documents illustrative of the Canadian Constitution, by W. Houston (Toronto, 1891). Parliamentary Government in Canada, by J.G.  Bourinot (Amer.  Hist.  Association, Washington, 1892, and “Trans.  Roy.  Soc.  Can.,” 1892), contains a long list of books relating to the constitutional history of Canada.  Also consult How Canada is Governed for works on constitutional, legal, municipal and educational history of the provinces of Canada.

For Manitoba and the North-west Territories the reader may consult:—­Manitoba.  Its Infancy, Growth and Present Condition, by Rev. Prof.  Bryce (London, 1882); History of the North-west, by A. Begg (Toronto, 1894); The Great Company, by Beckles Wilson (Toronto and London, 1899); Reminiscences of the North-west Rebellions, by Major Boulton (Toronto, 1886).  A remarkable History of the Hudson’s Bay Company, by Rev. Prof.  Bryce (London, New York and Toronto, 1900).  For British Columbia:—­A.  Begg’s History (Toronto, 1896).

For the literary progress of Canada, consult:—­The Intellectual Development of the Canadian People, by J.G.  Bourinot (Toronto, 1881); Canada’s Intellectual Strength and Weakness ("Trans.  Roy.  Soc.  Canada,” vol.  XI, also in separate form, Montreal, 1893), by the same, contains an elaborate list of Canadian literature, French and English, to date.  The 17 volumes of the same Transactions contain numerous valuable essays on French Canadian literary progress.

Other valuable books to be consulted are:—­Canada and Newfoundland in Stanford’s Compendium of Geography and Travel (London, 1897), by Dr. S.E.  Dawson, F.R.S.C.; The Statistical Year Book of Canada, a government publication issued annually at Ottawa, and edited by Geo. Johnson, F.S.S.; The Great Dominion (London, 1895), by Dr. G.R.  Parkin, C.M.G., LL.D., the eloquent advocate of imperial federation for many years, merits careful reading. Canada and the United States, in Papers of the Amer.  Hist Assoc. (Washington, July, 1891), and Canada and the United States:  their Past and Present Relations, in the Quarterly Review for April, 1891, both by the present author, have been largely used in the preparation of the last chapter of this book.

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