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of bone and muscle has climbed to the peaks of all the mountains of the world; has dug down into the depths of the earth after her treasures of gold and silver and the baser metals, precious stones, and other products of the mines.  This man tills the fields, manufactures all fabricated products, and carries goods to the ends of the earth.  This active type mans navies, fills the ranks of armies, erects great buildings, and cut through the backbone of a continent.


This man loves motion.  He is not satisfied with slow, languid motion, but demands speed, greater and ever greater speed.  And so his horses, his locomotives, the machines in his factory, his automobiles, his aeroplanes, his motor-cycles, his farm implements, his ocean liners, his motor boats, are being constantly studied, constantly improved, and constantly raised to higher and higher performances in speed of production, speed of transportation, speed of accomplishment.

This man not only demands speed, but he demands space.  The man who can travel at a hundred miles an hour needs many hundred miles in which to travel.  This is why nearly all of his activities are in the big out-of-doors; this is why he is constantly exploring and pioneering in order to extend his boundaries.  He has a craving for more space in which to breathe, more scope of action.

This ardent and irrepressible desire for physical freedom, for physical liberty of action, also leads to the desire for political and economical freedom.  All of our great liberators, from Moses down to Lincoln, have been men of this active, muscular, bony, type.  Because they desire freedom for themselves, they want freedom for everyone else.  They often go to extremes and strive to secure freedom for those who have no use for it, who do not care for it after it is won for them, and who only abuse it when they should enjoy its blessings.


In the early days of the race, the man of this type had little intelligence.  He was supposed to be, principally, bone and muscle with no brain.  He did the physical work which was assigned to him and other men did the thinking, the planning, and the directing.  But, as the race has increased in intelligence, the man of bone and muscle has developed a brain.  Manual skill, educators tell us, is one of the best of all means for gaining knowledge and increasing intelligence.  So now the muscular man can think, now he can plan, now, especially, does he manifest his thinking, planning and constructive ability along lines for increasing speed, getting more out of machinery, buildings, inventions, manufacture, agriculture, horticulture, transportation.  In all these lines the man of action is also a man of thought.  This is well; this is an improvement, and our active, hustling, pioneer type of man is happier,

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