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This chart may seem, at first sight, to be complex.  It must necessarily be so, since it is arranged to cover all professions and trades and all industrial and commercial positions, from the presidency of a corporation, general managership of a railroad, sales management of a factory, or cashiership of a bank, as well as less exalted jobs, down to those requiring little, if anything, more than brute strength.  Obviously, not all of these facts need to be considered by every aspirant, but only those which have a bearing upon his particular case.  The tendency, however, is to neglect important factors rather than to waste time over those which are unimportant.


Having determined, in the manner indicated, the standards of work and of the environment, the man is ready to examine himself to determine where he fits.  There are six headings under which he may classify the various items of information needed in fitting himself to work and environment.  These are health, character, intelligence, disposition to industry, natural aptitudes, and experience, as shown in Chart 3.  This chart does not, of course, present a complete and detailed list, but it is suggestive.[2] It would not be true to say that any one of these is absolutely more important than the other.  They are all important.  Their relative importance may be determined by the vocation to be considered.

[Footnote 2:  See more detailed lists in appendix.]


Consider the question of health.  We include all a man’s physical attributes under health.  The classification is somewhat arbitrary, but it will be understood.  A man must consider himself as to his size, as to his strength, as to his endurance, as to his condition of body (which shows habits), as to his predisposition to health, as to disease, as to his moral health, as to his sobriety, as to his sanity, etc.


|Condition of Body    In other words, what
Health........< Predispositions      his physical value is for
|Morality             a given work in a
|Sobriety             given environment
|Discretion and Prudence
Character.....< Enthusiasm
|Etc., etc
|Ability to Learn
|Ability to Understand and Follow Instructions
Intelligence..<               |Speaking
|              |Writing
|Etc., etc.
|Love of Work
Disposition to Industry < Willingness
|Etc., etc.
Natural Aptitudes.......< Medical

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