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On the other hand, there are many vocations in which too great prudence, too great caution, is a handicap instead of an advantage.  The man who is too cautious, who bears responsibility too heavily, is not fitted for positions and vocations which involve a certain amount of personal danger.  He is also likely to be too conservative to enter upon vocations in which a considerable element of speculation is involved.  He is not disposed to take chances; he is too apprehensive and too much given to anxiety to be involved in any vocation where there is uncertainty as to outcome.  Many vocations also require a fine blending of prudence with a willingness to take chances and a certain degree of recklessness.


Such is any kind of work in which the results are not tangible and immediately and constantly measurable.  In our practice we meet many who grow impatient, apprehensive, and even discouraged when knowledge of success of their efforts is deferred—­or is even problematical.  These people would far rather work in a subordinate position at a small salary, certain to be paid every pay day, than to make twice as much money on a commission basis but not be certain just how much they would be paid on pay day.  Thus it is clear that a salesman on a commission basis must have a dash of recklessness in him, and yet, if he is selling high priced goods and wishes to build a permanent business, must be careful and prudent in handling his trade.

The essential elements of environment and their subdivisions are shown in Chart 2.  A brief discussion of some of these may clarify the subject.


|Policy of House
|                       |Moral
|                       |Physical
|Standards.............< Commercial
|                       |Artistic
|                       |Etc.
|                       |In Place of Business
|Physical Surroundings.< In Locality
|                       |In Home
|                       |Personal Preference
|                       |Personality
|                       |Personal Preference
Environment...< Superior Executive....< Personality
|                       |Methods
|                       |In Business
|Associates............< In Locality
|                       |Socially
|                       |Hours of Labor
|                       |Periods of Rest
|                       |Temperature
|                       |Compensation
|Working Conditions....< Opportunities
|                       |Underground
|                       |Elevation
|                       |Danger
|                       |Etc.


For a man faithfully and loyally to live up to and represent the policy of the house is obviously necessary.  But oftentimes it takes rather definite characteristics to do this.

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